1 Samuel  Capitulo 26 - King James with Numbers Strong

1Sa 26:1 And the Ziphites H2130 came H935 unto H413 Saul H7586 to Gibeah, H1390 saying, H559 Doth not H3808 David H1732 hide himself H5641 in the hill H1389 of Hachilah, H2444 which is before H5921 H6440 Jeshimon?H3452

1Sa 26:2 Then Saul H7586 arose, H6965 and went down H3381 to H413 the wilderness H4057 of Ziph, H2128 having three H7969 thousand H505 chosen H977 men H376 of Israel H3478 with H854 him, to seek H1245 (H853) David H1732 in the wilderness H4057 of Ziph.H2128

1Sa 26:3 And Saul H7586 pitched H2583 in the hill H1389 of Hachilah, H2444 which H834 is before H5921 H6440 Jeshimon, H3452 by H5921 the way. H1870 But David H1732 abode H3427 in the wilderness, H4057 and he saw H7200 that H3588 Saul H7586 came H935 after H310 him into the wilderness.H4057

1Sa 26:4 David H1732 therefore sent out H7971 spies, H7270 and understood H3045 that H3588 Saul H7586 was come in H935 H413 very deed.H3559

1Sa 26:5 And David H1732 arose, H6965 and came H935 to H413 the place H4725 where H834 H8033 Saul H7586 had pitched: H2583 and David H1732 beheld H7200 (H853) the place H4725 where H834 H8033 Saul H7586 lay, H7901 and Abner H74 the son H1121 of Ner, H5369 the captain H8269 of his host: H6635 and Saul H7586 lay H7901 in the trench, H4570 and the people H5971 pitched H2583 round about H5439 him.

1Sa 26:6 Then answered H6030 David H1732 and said H559 to H413 Ahimelech H288 the Hittite, H2850 and to H413 Abishai H52 the son H1121 of Zeruiah, H6870 brother H251 to Joab, H3097 saying, H559 Who H4310 will go down H3381 with H854 me to H413 Saul H7586 to H413 the camp? H4264 And Abishai H52 said, H559 I H589 will go down H3381 with H5973 thee.

1Sa 26:7 So David H1732 and Abishai H52 came H935 to H413 the people H5971 by night: H3915 and, behold, H2009 Saul H7586 lay H7901 sleeping H3463 within the trench, H4570 and his spear H2595 stuck H4600 in the ground H776 at his bolster: H4763 but Abner H74 and the people H5971 lay H7901 round about H5439 him.

1Sa 26:8 Then said H559 Abishai H52 to H413 David, H1732 God H430 hath delivered H5462 (H853) thine enemy H341 into thine hand H3027 this day: H3117 now H6258 therefore let me smite H5221 him, I pray thee, H4994 with the spear H2595 even to the earth H776 at once, H259 H6471 and I will not H3808 smite him the second time.H8138

1Sa 26:9 And David H1732 said H559 to H413 Abishai, H52 Destroy H7843 him not: H408 for H3588 who H4310 can stretch forth H7971 his hand H3027 against the LORD'S H3068 anointed, H4899 and be guiltless?H5352

1Sa 26:10 David H1732 said H559 furthermore, H3588 H518 As the LORD H3068 liveth, H2416 the LORD H3068 shall smite H5062 him; or H176 his day H3117 shall come H935 to die; H4191 or H176 he shall descend H3381 into battle, H4421 and perish.H5595

1Sa 26:11 The LORD H4480 H3068 forbid H2486 that I should stretch forth H4480 H7971 mine hand H3027 against the LORD'S H3068 anointed: H4899 but, I pray thee, H4994 take H3947 thou now H6258 (H853) the spear H2595 that H834 is at his bolster, H4763 and the cruse H6835 of water, H4325 and let us go.H1980

1Sa 26:12 So David H1732 took H3947 (H853) the spear H2595 and the cruse H6835 of water H4325 from Saul's H7586 bolster; H4763 and they gat them away, H1980 and no H369 man saw H7200 it, nor H369 knew H3045 it, neither H369 awaked: H6974 for H3588 they were all H3605 asleep; H3463 because H3588 a deep sleep H8639 from the LORD H3068 was fallen H5307 upon H5921 them.

1Sa 26:13 Then David H1732 went over H5674 to the other side, H5676 and stood H5975 on H5921 the top H7218 of an hill H2022 afar off; H4480 H7350 a great H7227 space H4725 being between H996 them:

1Sa 26:14 And David H1732 cried H7121 to H413 the people, H5971 and to H413 Abner H74 the son H1121 of Ner, H5369 saying, H559 Answerest H6030 thou not, H3808 Abner? H74 Then Abner H74 answered H6030 and said, H559 Who H4310 art thou H859 that criest H7121 to H413 the king?H4428

1Sa 26:15 And David H1732 said H559 to H413 Abner, H74 Art not H3808 thou H859 a valiant man? H376 and who H4310 is like to thee H3644 in Israel? H3478 wherefore H4100 then hast thou not H3808 kept H8104 H413 thy lord H113 the king? H4428 for H3588 there came H935 one H259 of the people H5971 in to destroy H7843 (H853) the king H4428 thy lord.H113

1Sa 26:16 This H2088 thing H1697 is not H3808 good H2896 that H834 thou hast done. H6213 As the LORD H3068 liveth, H2416 ye H859 are worthy H1121 to die, H4194 because H834 ye have not H3808 kept H8104 H5921 your master, H113 the LORD'S H3068 anointed. H4899 And now H6258 see H7200 where H335 the king's H4428 spear H2595 is, and the cruse H6835 of water H4325 that H834 was at his bolster.H4763

1Sa 26:17 And Saul H7586 knew H5234 (H853) David's H1732 voice, H6963 and said, H559 Is this H2088 thy voice, H6963 my son H1121 David? H1732 And David H1732 said, H559 It is my voice, H6963 my lord, H113 O king.H4428

1Sa 26:18 And he said, H559 Wherefore H4100 doth my lord H113 thus H2088 pursue H7291 after H310 his servant? H5650 for H3588 what H4100 have I done? H6213 or what H4100 evil H7451 is in mine hand?H3027

1Sa 26:19 Now H6258 therefore, I pray thee, H4994 let my lord H113 the king H4428 hear H8085 (H853) the words H1697 of his servant. H5650 If H518 the LORD H3068 have stirred thee up H5496 against me, let him accept H7306 an offering: H4503 but if H518 they be the children H1121 of men, H120 cursed H779 be they H1992 before H6440 the LORD; H3068 for H3588 they have driven me out H1644 this day H3117 from abiding H4480 H5596 in the inheritance H5159 of the LORD, H3068 saying, H559 Go, H1980 serve H5647 other H312 gods.H430

1Sa 26:20 Now H6258 therefore, let not H408 my blood H1818 fall H5307 to the earth H776 before H4480 H5048 the face H6440 of the LORD: H3068 for H3588 the king H4428 of Israel H3478 is come out H3318 to seek H1245 (H853) a flea, H6550 as when H834 one H259 doth hunt H7291 a partridge H7124 in the mountains.H2022

1Sa 26:21 Then said H559 Saul, H7586 I have sinned: H2398 return, H7725 my son H1121 David: H1732 for H3588 I will no H3808 more H5750 do thee harm, H7489 because H8478 H834 my soul H5315 was precious H3365 in thine eyes H5869 this H2088 day: H3117 behold, H2009 I have played the fool, H5528 and have erred H7686 exceedingly. H7235 H3966

1Sa 26:22 And David H1732 answered H6030 and said, H559 Behold H2009 the king's H4428 spear! H2595 and let one H259 of the young men H4480 H5288 come over H5674 and fetch H3947 it.

1Sa 26:23 The LORD H3068 render H7725 to every man H376 (H853) his righteousness H6666 and his faithfulness: H530 for H834 the LORD H3068 delivered H5414 thee into my hand H3027 to day, H3117 but I would H14 not H3808 stretch forth H7971 mine hand H3027 against the LORD'S H3068 anointed.H4899

1Sa 26:24 And, behold, H2009 as H834 thy life H5315 was much set H1431 by this H2088 day H3117 in mine eyes, H5869 so H3651 let my life H5315 be much set H1431 by in the eyes H5869 of the LORD, H3068 and let him deliver H5337 me out of all H4480 H3605 tribulation.H6869

1Sa 26:25 Then Saul H7586 said H559 to H413 David, H1732 Blessed H1288 be thou, H859 my son H1121 David: H1732 thou shalt both H1571 do great H6213 H6213 things, and also H1571 shalt still prevail. H3201 H3201 So David H1732 went H1980 on his way, H1870 and Saul H7586 returned H7725 to his place.H4725

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