1 Samuel  Capitulo 28 - King James with Numbers Strong

1Sa 28:1 And it came to pass H1961 in those H1992 days, H3117 that the Philistines H6430 gathered their H6908 (H853) armies together H4264 for warfare, H6635 to fight H3898 with Israel. H3478 And Achish H397 said H559 unto H413 David, H1732 Know thou assuredly, H3045 H3045 that H3588 thou shalt go out H3318 with H854 me to battle, H4264 thou H859 and thy men.H376

1Sa 28:2 And David H1732 said H559 to H413 Achish, H397 Surely H3651 thou H859 shalt know H3045 (H853) what H834 thy servant H5650 can do. H6213 And Achish H397 said H559 to H413 David, H1732 Therefore H3651 will I make H7760 thee keeper H8104 of mine head H7218 for ever. H3605 H3117

1Sa 28:3 Now Samuel H8050 was dead, H4191 and all H3605 Israel H3478 had lamented H5594 him, and buried H6912 him in Ramah, H7414 even in his own city. H5892 And Saul H7586 had put away H5493 those that had familiar spirits, H178 and the wizards, H3049 out of the land. H4480 H776

1Sa 28:4 And the Philistines H6430 gathered themselves together, H6908 and came H935 and pitched H2583 in Shunem: H7766 and Saul H7586 gathered all Israel together, H6908 (H853) H3605 H3478 and they pitched H2583 in Gilboa.H1533

1Sa 28:5 And when Saul H7586 saw H7200 (H853) the host H4264 of the Philistines, H6430 he was afraid, H3372 and his heart H3820 greatly H3966 trembled.H2729

1Sa 28:6 And when Saul H7586 enquired H7592 of the LORD, H3068 the LORD H3068 answered H6030 him not, H3808 neither H1571 by dreams, H2472 nor H1571 by Urim, H224 nor H1571 by prophets.H5030

1Sa 28:7 Then said H559 Saul H7586 unto his servants, H5650 Seek H1245 me a woman H802 that hath H1172 a familiar spirit, H178 that I may go H1980 to H413 her, and enquire H1875 of her. And his servants H5650 said H559 to H413 him, Behold, H2009 there is a woman H802 that hath H1172 a familiar spirit H178 at Endor.H5874

1Sa 28:8 And Saul H7586 disguised himself, H2664 and put on H3847 other H312 raiment, H899 and he H1931 went, H1980 and two H8147 men H376 with H5973 him, and they came H935 to H413 the woman H802 by night: H3915 and he said, H559 I pray thee, H4994 divine H7080 unto me by the familiar spirit, H178 and bring H5927 me him up,(H853) whom H834 I shall name H559 unto H413 thee.

1Sa 28:9 And the woman H802 said H559 unto H413 him, Behold, H2009 thou H859 knowest H3045 (H853) what H834 Saul H7586 hath done, H6213 how H834 he hath cut off H3772 (H853) those that have familiar spirits, H178 and the wizards, H3049 out of H4480 the land: H776 wherefore H4100 then layest thou H859 a snare H5367 for my life, H5315 to cause me to die?H4191

1Sa 28:10 And Saul H7586 sware H7650 to her by the LORD, H3068 saying, H559 As the LORD H3068 liveth, H2416 there shall no H518 punishment H5771 happen H7136 to thee for this H2088 thing.H1697

1Sa 28:11 Then said H559 the woman, H802 (H853) Whom H4310 shall I bring up H5927 unto thee? And he said, H559 Bring me up H5927 (H853) Samuel.H8050

1Sa 28:12 And when the woman H802 saw H7200 (H853) Samuel, H8050 she cried H2199 with a loud H1419 voice: H6963 and the woman H802 spake H559 to H413 Saul, H7586 saying, H559 Why H4100 hast thou deceived H7411 me? for thou H859 art Saul.H7586

1Sa 28:13 And the king H4428 said H559 unto her, Be not H408 afraid: H3372 for H3588 what H4100 sawest H7200 thou? And the woman H802 said H559 unto H413 Saul, H7586 I saw H7200 gods H430 ascending H5927 out of H4480 the earth.H776

1Sa 28:14 And he said H559 unto her, What H4100 form H8389 is he of? And she said, H559 An old H2205 man H376 cometh up; H5927 and he H1931 is covered H5844 with a mantle. H4598 And Saul H7586 perceived H3045 that H3588 it was Samuel, H8050 and he H1931 stooped H6915 with his face H639 to the ground, H776 and bowed himself.H7812

1Sa 28:15 And Samuel H8050 said H559 to H413 Saul, H7586 Why H4100 hast thou disquieted H7264 me, to bring me up? H5927 (H853) And Saul H7586 answered, H559 I am sore H3966 distressed; H6887 for the Philistines H6430 make war H3898 against me, and God H430 is departed H5493 from H4480 H5921 me, and answereth H6030 me no H3808 more, H5750 neither H1571 by H3027 prophets, H5030 nor H1571 by dreams: H2472 therefore I have called H7121 thee, that thou mayest make known H3045 unto me what H4100 I shall do.H6213

1Sa 28:16 Then said H559 Samuel, H8050 Wherefore H4100 then dost thou ask H7592 of me, seeing the LORD H3068 is departed H5493 from H4480 H5921 thee, and is become H1961 thine enemy?H6145

1Sa 28:17 And the LORD H3068 hath done H6213 to him, as H834 he spake H1696 by H3027 me: for the LORD H3068 hath rent H7167 (H853) the kingdom H4467 out of thine hand, H4480 H3027 and given H5414 it to thy neighbour, H7453 even to David:H1732

1Sa 28:18 Because H834 thou obeyedst H8085 not H3808 the voice H6963 of the LORD, H3068 nor H3808 executedst H6213 his fierce H2740 wrath H639 upon Amalek, H6002 therefore H5921 H3651 hath the LORD H3068 done H6213 this H2088 thing H1697 unto thee this H2088 day.H3117

1Sa 28:19 Moreover H1571 the LORD H3068 will also deliver H5414 (H853) Israel H3478 with H5973 thee into the hand H3027 of the Philistines: H6430 and to morrow H4279 shalt thou H859 and thy sons H1121 be with H5973 me: the LORD H3068 also H1571 shall deliver H5414 (H853) the host H4264 of Israel H3478 into the hand H3027 of the Philistines.H6430

1Sa 28:20 Then Saul H7586 fell H5307 straightway H4116 all along H4393 H6967 on the earth, H776 and was sore H3966 afraid, H3372 because of the words H4480 H1697 of Samuel: H8050 and H1571 there was H1961 no H3808 strength H3581 in him; for H3588 he had eaten H398 no H3808 bread H3899 all H3605 the day, H3117 nor all H3605 the night.H3915

1Sa 28:21 And the woman H802 came H935 unto H413 Saul, H7586 and saw H7200 that H3588 he was sore H3966 troubled, H926 and said H559 unto H413 him, Behold, H2009 thine handmaid H8198 hath obeyed H8085 thy voice, H6963 and I have put H7760 my life H5315 in my hand, H3709 and have hearkened H8085 unto(H853) thy words H1697 which H834 thou spakest H1696 unto H413 me.

1Sa 28:22 Now H6258 therefore, I pray thee, H4994 hearken H8085 thou H859 also H1571 unto the voice H6963 of thine handmaid, H8198 and let me set H7760 a morsel H6595 of bread H3899 before H6440 thee; and eat, H398 that thou mayest have H1961 strength, H3581 when H3588 thou goest H1980 on thy way.H1870

1Sa 28:23 But he refused, H3985 and said, H559 I will not H3808 eat. H398 But his servants, H5650 together with H1571 the woman, H802 compelled H6555 him; and he hearkened H8085 unto their voice. H6963 So he arose H6965 from the earth, H4480 H776 and sat H3427 upon H413 the bed.H4296

1Sa 28:24 And the woman H802 had a fat H4770 calf H5695 in the house; H1004 and she hasted, H4116 and killed H2076 it, and took H3947 flour, H7058 and kneaded H3888 it, and did bake H644 unleavened bread H4682 thereof:

1Sa 28:25 And she brought H5066 it before H6440 Saul, H7586 and before H6440 his servants; H5650 and they did eat. H398 Then they rose up, H6965 and went away H1980 that H1931 night.H3915

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