2 Samuel  Capitulo 4 - King James with Numbers Strong

2Sa 4:1 And when Saul's H7586 son H1121 heard H8085 that H3588 Abner H74 was dead H4191 in Hebron, H2275 his hands H3027 were feeble, H7503 and all H3605 the Israelites H3478 were troubled.H926

2Sa 4:2 And Saul's H7586 son H1121 had H1961 two H8147 men H376 that were captains H8269 of bands: H1416 the name H8034 of the one H259 was Baanah, H1196 and the name H8034 of the other H8145 Rechab, H7394 the sons H1121 of Rimmon H7417 a Beerothite, H886 of the children H4480 H1121 of Benjamin: H1144 (for H3588 Beeroth H881 also H1571 was reckoned H2803 to H5921 Benjamin:H1144

2Sa 4:3 And the Beerothites H886 fled H1272 to Gittaim, H1664 and were H1961 sojourners H1481 there H8033 until H5704 this H2088 day.)H3117

2Sa 4:4 And Jonathan, H3083 Saul's H7586 son, H1121 had a son H1121 that was lame H5223 of his feet. H7272 He was H1961 five H2568 years H8141 old H1121 when the tidings H8052 came H935 of Saul H7586 and Jonathan H3083 out of Jezreel, H4480 H3157 and his nurse H539 took him up, H5375 and fled: H5127 and it came to pass, H1961 as she made haste H2648 to flee, H5127 that he fell, H5307 and became lame. H6452 And his name H8034 was Mephibosheth.H4648

2Sa 4:5 And the sons H1121 of Rimmon H7417 the Beerothite, H886 Rechab H7394 and Baanah, H1165 went, H1980 and came H935 about the heat H2527 of the day H3117 to H413 the house H1004 of Ishbosheth, H378 who H1931 lay H7901 on(H853) a bed H4904 at noon.H6672

2Sa 4:6 And they came H935 thither H2008 into H5704 the midst H8432 of the house, H1004 as though they would have fetched H3947 wheat; H2406 and they smote H5221 him under H413 the fifth H2570 rib: and Rechab H7394 and Baanah H1196 his brother H251 escaped.H4422

2Sa 4:7 For when they came H935 into the house, H1004 he H1931 lay H7901 on H5921 his bed H4296 in his bedchamber, H2315 H4904 and they smote H5221 him, and slew H4191 him, and beheaded H5493 (H853) H7218 him, and took H3947 (H853) his head, H7218 and gat them away H1980 through H1870 the plain H6160 all H3605 night.H3915

2Sa 4:8 And they brought H935 (H853) the head H7218 of Ishbosheth H378 unto H413 David H1732 to Hebron, H2275 and said H559 to H413 the king, H4428 Behold H2009 the head H7218 of Ishbosheth H378 the son H1121 of Saul H7586 thine enemy, H341 which H834 sought H1245 (H853) thy life; H5315 and the LORD H3068 hath avenged H5414 H5360 my lord H113 the king H4428 this H2088 day H3117 of Saul, H4480 H7586 and of his seed. H4480 H2233

2Sa 4:9 And David H1732 answered H6030 (H853) Rechab H7394 and Baanah H1196 his brother, H251 the sons H1121 of Rimmon H7417 the Beerothite, H886 and said H559 unto them, As the LORD H3068 liveth, H2416 who H834 hath redeemed H6299 (H853) my soul H5315 out of all H4480 H3605 adversity,H6869

2Sa 4:10 When H3588 one told H5046 me, saying, H559 Behold, H2009 Saul H7586 is dead, H4191 thinking H5869 to have H1961 brought good tidings, H1319 I took hold H270 of him, and slew H2026 him in Ziklag, H6860 who H834 thought that I would have given H5414 him a reward for his tidings:H1309

2Sa 4:11 How much more, H637 when H3588 wicked H7563 men H376 have slain H2026 (H853) a righteous H6662 person H376 in his own house H1004 upon H5921 his bed? H4904 shall I not H3808 therefore now H6258 require H1245 (H853) his blood H1818 of your hand, H4480 H3027 and take you away H1197 (H853) from H4480 the earth?H776

2Sa 4:12 And David H1732 commanded H6680 (H853) his young men, H5288 and they slew H2026 them, and cut off H7112 (H853) their hands H3027 and their feet, H7272 and hanged them up H8518 over H5921 the pool H1295 in Hebron. H2275 But they took H3947 the head H7218 of Ishbosheth, H378 and buried H6912 it in the sepulchre H6913 of Abner H74 in Hebron.H2275

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