Génesis  Capitulo 43 - King James with Numbers Strong

Gén 43:1 And the famine H7458 was sore H3515 in the land.H776

Gén 43:2 And it came to pass, H1961 when H834 they had eaten up H3615 H398 (H853) the corn H7668 which H834 they had brought H935 out of Egypt, H4480 H4714 their father H1 said H559 unto H413 them, Go again, H7725 buy H7666 us a little H4592 food.H400

Gén 43:3 And Judah H3063 spake H559 unto H413 him, saying, H559 The man H376 did solemnly protest H5749 H5749 unto us, saying, H559 Ye shall not H3808 see H7200 my face, H6440 except H1115 your brother H251 be with H854 you.

Gén 43:4 If H518 thou wilt H3426 send H7971 (H853) our brother H251 with H854 us, we will go down H3381 and buy H7666 thee food:H400

Gén 43:5 But if H518 thou wilt not H369 send H7971 him, we will not H3808 go down: H3381 for H3588 the man H376 said H559 unto H413 us, Ye shall not H3808 see H7200 my face, H6440 except H1115 your brother H251 be with H854 you.

Gén 43:6 And Israel H3478 said, H559 Wherefore H4100 dealt ye so ill H7489 with me, as to tell H5046 the man H376 whether ye had yet H5750 a brother?H251

Gén 43:7 And they said, H559 The man H376 asked us straitly H7592 H7592 of our state, and of our kindred, H4138 saying, H559 Is your father H1 yet H5750 alive? H2416 have H3426 ye another brother? H251 and we told H5046 him according to H5921 the tenor H6310 of these H428 words: H1697 could we certainly know H3045 H3045 that H3588 he would say, H559 Bring your brother down? H3381 (H853) H251

Gén 43:8 And Judah H3063 said H559 unto H413 Israel H3478 his father, H1 Send H7971 the lad H5288 with H854 me, and we will arise H6965 and go; H1980 that we may live, H2421 and not H3808 die, H4191 both H1571 we, H587 and H1571 thou, H859 and also H1571 our little ones.H2945

Gén 43:9 I H595 will be surety H6148 for him; of my hand H4480 H3027 shalt thou require H1245 him: if H518 I bring H935 him not H3808 unto H413 thee, and set H3322 him before H6440 thee, then let me bear the blame H2398 for ever: H3605 H3117

Gén 43:10 For H3588 except H3884 we had lingered, H4102 surely H3588 now H6258 we had returned H7725 this H2088 second time.H6471

Gén 43:11 And their father H1 Israel H3478 said H559 unto H413 them, If H518 it must be so H3651 now, H645 do H6213 this; H2063 take H3947 of the best fruits H4480 H2173 in the land H776 in your vessels, H3627 and carry down H3381 the man H376 a present, H4503 a little H4592 balm, H6875 and a little H4592 honey, H1706 spices, H5219 and myrrh, H3910 nuts, H992 and almonds:H8247

Gén 43:12 And take H3947 double H4932 money H3701 in your hand; H3027 and the money H3701 that was brought again H7725 in the mouth H6310 of your sacks, H572 carry it again H7725 in your hand; H3027 peradventure H194 it H1931 was an oversight:H4870

Gén 43:13 Take H3947 also your brother, H251 and arise, H6965 go again H7725 unto H413 the man:H376

Gén 43:14 And God H410 Almighty H7706 give H5414 you mercy H7356 before H6440 the man, H376 that he may send away H7971 (H853) your other H312 brother, H251 and Benjamin. H1144 If H834 I H589 be bereaved H7921 of my children, I am bereaved.H7921

Gén 43:15 And the men H376 took H3947 (H853) that H2063 present, H4503 and they took H3947 double H4932 money H3701 in their hand, H3027 and Benjamin; H1144 and rose up, H6965 and went down H3381 to Egypt, H4714 and stood H5975 before H6440 Joseph.H3130

Gén 43:16 And when Joseph H3130 saw H7200 (H853) Benjamin H1144 with H854 them, he said H559 to the ruler of H834 H5921 his house, H1004 Bring H935 (H853) these men H376 home, H1004 and slay, H2873 H2874 and make ready; H3559 for H3588 these men H376 shall dine H398 with H854 me at noon.H6672

Gén 43:17 And the man H376 did H6213 as H834 Joseph H3130 bade; H559 and the man H376 brought H935 (H853) the men H376 into Joseph's H3130 house.H1004

Gén 43:18 And the men H376 were afraid, H3372 because H3588 they were brought H935 into Joseph's H3130 house; H1004 and they said, H559 Because of H5921 H1697 the money H3701 that was returned H7725 in our sacks H572 at the first time H8462 are we H587 brought in; H935 that he may seek occasion H1556 against H5921 us, and fall H5307 upon H5921 us, and take H3947 us for bondmen, H5650 and our asses.H2543

Gén 43:19 And they came near H5066 to H413 the steward H376 H834 H5921 of Joseph's H3130 house, H1004 and they communed H1696 with H413 him at the door H6607 of the house,H1004

Gén 43:20 And said, H559 O H994 sir, H113 we came indeed down H3381 H3381 at the first time H8462 to buy H7666 food:H400

Gén 43:21 And it came to pass, H1961 when H3588 we came H935 to H413 the inn, H4411 that we opened H6605 (H853) our sacks, H572 and, behold, H2009 every man's H376 money H3701 was in the mouth H6310 of his sack, H572 our money H3701 in full weight: H4948 and we have brought it again H7725 (H853) in our hand.H3027

Gén 43:22 And other H312 money H3701 have we brought down H3381 in our hands H3027 to buy H7666 food: H400 we cannot H3808 tell H3045 who H4310 put H7760 our money H3701 in our sacks.H572

Gén 43:23 And he said, H559 Peace H7965 be to you, fear H3372 not: H408 your God, H430 and the God H430 of your father, H1 hath given H5414 you treasure H4301 in your sacks: H572 I had H935 your money. H3701 And he brought Simeon out H3318 (H853) H8095 unto H413 them.

Gén 43:24 And the man H376 brought H935 (H853) the men H376 into Joseph's H3130 house, H1004 and gave H5414 them water, H4325 and they washed H7364 their feet; H7272 and he gave H5414 their asses H2543 provender.H4554

Gén 43:25 And they made ready H3559 (H853) the present H4503 against H5704 Joseph H3130 came H935 at noon: H6672 for H3588 they heard H8085 that H3588 they should eat H398 bread H3899 there.H8033

Gén 43:26 And when Joseph H3130 came H935 home, H1004 they brought H935 him(H853) the present H4503 which H834 was in their hand H3027 into the house, H1004 and bowed themselves H7812 to him to the earth.H776

Gén 43:27 And he asked H7592 them of their welfare, H7965 and said, H559 Is your father H1 well, H7965 the old man H2205 of whom H834 ye spake? H559 Is he yet H5750 alive?H2416

Gén 43:28 And they answered, H559 Thy servant H5650 our father H1 is in good health, H7965 he is yet H5750 alive. H2416 And they bowed down their heads, H6915 and made obeisance.H7812

Gén 43:29 And he lifted up H5375 his eyes, H5869 and saw H7200 his brother H251 (H853) Benjamin, H1144 his mother's H517 son, H1121 and said, H559 Is this H2088 your younger H6996 brother, H251 of whom H834 ye spake H559 unto H413 me? And he said, H559 God H430 be gracious H2603 unto thee, my son.H1121

Gén 43:30 And Joseph H3130 made haste; H4116 for H3588 his bowels H7356 did yearn H3648 upon H413 his brother: H251 and he sought H1245 where to weep; H1058 and he entered into H935 his chamber, H2315 and wept H1058 there.H8033

Gén 43:31 And he washed H7364 his face, H6440 and went out, H3318 and refrained himself, H662 and said, H559 Set on H7760 bread.H3899

Gén 43:32 And they set on H7760 for him by himself, H905 and for them by themselves, H905 and for the Egyptians, H4713 which did eat H398 with H854 him, by themselves: H905 because H3588 the Egyptians H4713 might H3201 not H3808 eat H398 bread H3899 with H854 the Hebrews; H5680 for H3588 that H1931 is an abomination H8441 unto the Egyptians.H4714

Gén 43:33 And they sat H3427 before H6440 him, the firstborn H1060 according to his birthright, H1062 and the youngest H6810 according to his youth: H6812 and the men H376 marvelled H8539 one H376 at H413 another.H7453

Gén 43:34 And he took H5375 and sent messes H4864 unto H413 them from H4480 H854 before H6440 him: but Benjamin's H1144 mess H4864 was five times so much as H7235 H4480 H4864 H2568 H3027 any H3605 of theirs. And they drank, H8354 and were merry H7937 with H5973 him.

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