Nehemías  Capitulo 10 - King James with Numbers Strong

Neh 10:1 Now those that sealed H2856 H5921 were, Nehemiah, H5166 the Tirshatha, H8660 the son H1121 of Hachaliah, H2446 and Zidkijah,H6667

Neh 10:2 Seraiah, H8304 Azariah, H5838 Jeremiah,H3414

Neh 10:3 Pashur, H6583 Amariah, H568 Malchijah,H4441

Neh 10:4 Hattush, H2407 Shebaniah, H7645 Malluch,H4409

Neh 10:5 Harim, H2766 Meremoth, H4822 Obadiah,H5662

Neh 10:6 Daniel, H1840 Ginnethon, H1599 Baruch,H1263

Neh 10:7 Meshullam, H4918 Abijah, H29 Mijamin,H4326

Neh 10:8 Maaziah, H4590 Bilgai, H1084 Shemaiah: H8098 these H428 were the priests.H3548

Neh 10:9 And the Levites: H3881 both Jeshua H3442 the son H1121 of Azaniah, H245 Binnui H1131 of the sons H4480 H1121 of Henadad, H2582 Kadmiel;H6934

Neh 10:10 And their brethren, H251 Shebaniah, H7645 Hodijah, H1941 Kelita, H7042 Pelaiah, H6411 Hanan,H2605

Neh 10:11 Micha, H4316 Rehob, H7340 Hashabiah,H2811

Neh 10:12 Zaccur, H2139 Sherebiah, H8274 Shebaniah,H7645

Neh 10:14 The chief H7218 of the people; H5971 Parosh, H6551 Pahathmoab, H6355 Elam, H5867 Zatthu, H2240 Bani,H1137

Neh 10:16 Adonijah, H138 Bigvai, H902 Adin,H5720

Neh 10:17 Ater, H333 Hizkijah, H2396 Azzur,H5809

Neh 10:18 Hodijah, H1941 Hashum, H2828 Bezai,H1209

Neh 10:19 Hariph, H2756 Anathoth, H6068 Nebai,H5109

Neh 10:20 Magpiash, H4047 Meshullam, H4918 Hezir,H2387

Neh 10:23 Hoshea, H1954 Hananiah, H2608 Hashub,H2815

Neh 10:24 Hallohesh, H3873 Pileha, H6401 Shobek,H7733

Neh 10:25 Rehum, H7348 Hashabnah, H2812 Maaseiah,H4641

Neh 10:27 Malluch, H4409 Harim, H2766 Baanah.H1196

Neh 10:28 And the rest H7605 of the people, H5971 the priests, H3548 the Levites, H3881 the porters, H7778 the singers, H7891 the Nethinims, H5411 and all H3605 they that had separated themselves H914 from the people H4480 H5971 of the lands H776 unto H413 the law H8451 of God, H430 their wives, H802 their sons, H1121 and their daughters, H1323 every H3605 one having knowledge, H3045 and having understanding;H995

Neh 10:29 They clave H2388 to H5921 their brethren, H251 their nobles, H117 and entered H935 into a curse, H423 and into an oath, H7621 to walk H1980 in God's H430 law, H8451 which H834 was given H5414 by H3027 Moses H4872 the servant H5650 of God, H430 and to observe H8104 and do H6213 (H853) all H3605 the commandments H4687 of the LORD H3068 our Lord, H113 and his judgments H4941 and his statutes;H2706

Neh 10:30 And that H834 we would not H3808 give H5414 our daughters H1323 unto the people H5971 of the land, H776 nor H3808 take H3947 their daughters H1323 for our sons:H1121

Neh 10:31 And if the people H5971 of the land H776 bring H935 (H853) ware H4728 or any H3605 victuals H7668 on the sabbath H7676 day H3117 to sell, H4376 that we would not H3808 buy H3947 it of H4480 them on the sabbath, H7676 or on the holy H6944 day: H3117 and that we would leave H5203 (H853) the seventh H7637 year, H8141 and the exaction H4855 of every H3605 debt.H3027

Neh 10:32 Also we made H5975 ordinances H4687 for H5921 us, to charge H5414 ourselves H5921 yearly H8141 with the third part H7992 of a shekel H8255 for the service H5656 of the house H1004 of our God;H430

Neh 10:33 For the shewbread, H3899 H4635 and for the continual H8548 meat offering, H4503 and for the continual H8548 burnt offering, H5930 of the sabbaths, H7676 of the new moons, H2320 for the set feasts, H4150 and for the holy H6944 things, and for the sin offerings H2403 to make an atonement H3722 for H5921 Israel, H3478 and for all H3605 the work H4399 of the house H1004 of our God.H430

Neh 10:34 And we cast the lots among H5307 H1486 the priests, H3548 the Levites, H3881 and the people, H5971 for H5921 the wood H6086 offering, H7133 to bring H935 it into the house H1004 of our God, H430 after the houses H1004 of our fathers, H1 at times H6256 appointed H2163 year H8141 by year, H8141 to burn H1197 upon H5921 the altar H4196 of the LORD H3068 our God, H430 as it is written H3789 in the law:H8451

Neh 10:35 And to bring H935 (H853) the firstfruits H1061 of our ground, H127 and the firstfruits H1061 of all H3605 fruit H6529 of all H3605 trees, H6086 year H8141 by year, H8141 unto the house H1004 of the LORD:H3068

Neh 10:36 Also the firstborn H1060 of our sons, H1121 and of our cattle, H929 as it is written H3789 in the law, H8451 and the firstlings H1062 of our herds H1241 and of our flocks, H6629 to bring H935 to the house H1004 of our God, H430 unto the priests H3548 that minister H8334 in the house H1004 of our God:H430

Neh 10:37 And that we should bring H935 the firstfruits H7225 of our dough, H6182 and our offerings, H8641 and the fruit H6529 of all H3605 manner of trees, H6086 of wine H8492 and of oil, H3323 unto the priests, H3548 to H413 the chambers H3957 of the house H1004 of our God; H430 and the tithes H4643 of our ground H127 unto the Levites, H3881 that the same H1992 Levites H3881 might have the tithes H6237 in all H3605 the cities H5892 of our tillage.H5656

Neh 10:38 And the priest H3548 the son H1121 of Aaron H175 shall be H1961 with H5973 the Levites, H3881 when the Levites H3881 take tithes: H6237 and the Levites H3881 shall bring up H5927 (H853) the tithe H4643 of the tithes H4643 unto the house H1004 of our God, H430 to H413 the chambers, H3957 into the treasure H214 house.H1004

Neh 10:39 For H3588 the children H1121 of Israel H3478 and the children H1121 of Levi H3878 shall bring H935 (H853) the offering H8641 of the corn, H1715 of the new wine, H8492 and the oil, H3323 unto H413 the chambers, H3957 where H8033 are the vessels H3627 of the sanctuary, H4720 and the priests H3548 that minister, H8334 and the porters, H7778 and the singers: H7891 and we will not H3808 forsake H5800 (H853) the house H1004 of our God.H430

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