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Núm 13:2 Send H7971 thou men, H376 that they may search H8446 (H853) the land H776 of Canaan, H3667 which H834 I H589 give H5414 unto the children H1121 of Israel: H3478 of every tribe H4294 of their fathers H1 shall ye send H7971 a H259 man, H376 every one H3605 a ruler H5387 among them.

Núm 13:3 And Moses H4872 by H5921 the commandment H6310 of the LORD H3068 sent H7971 them from the wilderness H4480 H4057 of Paran: H6290 all H3605 those H1992 men H376 were heads H7218 of the children H1121 of Israel.H3478

Núm 13:4 And these H428 were their names: H8034 of the tribe H4294 of Reuben, H7205 Shammua H8051 the son H1121 of Zaccur.H2139

Núm 13:5 Of the tribe H4294 of Simeon, H8095 Shaphat H8202 the son H1121 of Hori.H2753

Núm 13:6 Of the tribe H4294 of Judah, H3063 Caleb H3612 the son H1121 of Jephunneh.H3312

Núm 13:7 Of the tribe H4294 of Issachar, H3485 Igal H3008 the son H1121 of Joseph.H3130

Núm 13:8 Of the tribe H4294 of Ephraim, H669 Oshea H1954 the son H1121 of Nun.H5126

Núm 13:9 Of the tribe H4294 of Benjamin, H1144 Palti H6406 the son H1121 of Raphu.H7505

Núm 13:10 Of the tribe H4294 of Zebulun, H2074 Gaddiel H1427 the son H1121 of Sodi.H5476

Núm 13:11 Of the tribe H4294 of Joseph, H3130 namely, of the tribe H4294 of Manasseh, H4519 Gaddi H1426 the son H1121 of Susi.H5485

Núm 13:12 Of the tribe H4294 of Dan, H1835 Ammiel H5988 the son H1121 of Gemalli.H1582

Núm 13:13 Of the tribe H4294 of Asher, H836 Sethur H5639 the son H1121 of Michael.H4317

Núm 13:14 Of the tribe H4294 of Naphtali, H5321 Nahbi H5147 the son H1121 of Vophsi.H2058

Núm 13:15 Of the tribe H4294 of Gad, H1410 Geuel H1345 the son H1121 of Machi.H4352

Núm 13:16 These H428 are the names H8034 of the men H376 which H834 Moses H4872 sent H7971 to spy out H8446 (H853) the land. H776 And Moses H4872 called H7121 Oshea H1954 the son H1121 of Nun H5126 Jehoshua.H3091

Núm 13:17 And Moses H4872 sent H7971 them to spy out H8446 (H853) the land H776 of Canaan, H3667 and said H559 unto H413 them, Get you up H5927 this H2088 way southward, H5045 and go up H5927 into H854 the mountain:H2022

Núm 13:18 And see H7200 (H853) the land, H776 what H4100 it H1931 is; and the people H5971 that dwelleth H3427 therein, H5921 whether they H1931 be strong H2389 or weak, H7504 few H4592 or H518 many;H7227

Núm 13:19 And what H4100 the land H776 is that H834 they H1931 dwell H3427 in, whether it H1931 be good H2896 or H518 bad; H7451 and what H4100 cities H5892 they be that H834 they H1931 dwell H3427 in, H2007 whether in tents, H4264 or H518 in strong holds;H4013

Núm 13:20 And what H4100 the land H776 is, whether it H1931 be fat H8082 or H518 lean, H7330 whether there be H3426 wood H6086 therein, or H518 not. H369 And be ye of good courage, H2388 and bring H3947 of the fruit H4480 H6529 of the land. H776 Now the time H3117 was the time H3117 of the firstripe H1061 grapes.H6025

Núm 13:21 So they went up, H5927 and searched H8446 (H853) the land H776 from the wilderness H4480 H4057 of Zin H6790 unto H5704 Rehob, H7340 as men come H935 to Hamath.H2574

Núm 13:22 And they ascended H5927 by the south, H5045 and came H935 unto H5704 Hebron; H2275 where H8033 Ahiman, H289 Sheshai, H8344 and Talmai, H8526 the children H3211 of Anak, H6061 were. (Now Hebron H2275 was built H1129 seven H7651 years H8141 before H6440 Zoan H6814 in Egypt.)H4714

Núm 13:23 And they came H935 unto H5704 the brook H5158 of Eshcol, H812 and cut down H3772 from thence H4480 H8033 a branch H2156 with one H259 cluster H811 of grapes, H6025 and they bare H5375 it between two H8147 upon a staff; H4132 and they brought of H4480 the pomegranates, H7416 and of H4480 the figs.H8384

Núm 13:24 The place H4725 was called H7121 the brook H5158 Eshcol, H812 because H5921 H182 of the cluster of grapes H811 which H834 the children H1121 of Israel H3478 cut down H3772 from thence. H4480 H8033

Núm 13:26 And they went H1980 and came H935 to H413 Moses, H4872 and to H413 Aaron, H175 and to H413 all H3605 the congregation H5712 of the children H1121 of Israel, H3478 unto H413 the wilderness H4057 of Paran, H6290 to Kadesh; H6946 and brought back H7725 word H1697 unto them, and unto all H3605 the congregation, H5712 and shewed H7200 them(H853) the fruit H6529 of the land.H776

Núm 13:27 And they told H5608 him, and said, H559 We came H935 unto H413 the land H776 whither H834 thou sentest H7971 us, and surely H1571 it H1931 floweth H2100 with milk H2461 and honey; H1706 and this H2088 is the fruit H6529 of it.

Núm 13:28 Nevertheless H657 H3588 the people H5971 be strong H5794 that dwell H3427 in the land, H776 and the cities H5892 are walled, H1219 and very H3966 great: H1419 and moreover H1571 we saw H7200 the children H3211 of Anak H6061 there.H8033

Núm 13:29 The Amalekites H6003 dwell H3427 in the land H776 of the south: H5045 and the Hittites, H2850 and the Jebusites, H2983 and the Amorites, H567 dwell H3427 in the mountains: H2022 and the Canaanites H3669 dwell H3427 by H5921 the sea, H3220 and by H5921 the coast H3027 of Jordan.H3383

Núm 13:30 And Caleb H3612 stilled H2013 (H853) the people H5971 before H413 Moses, H4872 and said, H559 Let us go up at once, H5927 H5927 and possess H3423 it; for H3588 we are well able H3201 to overcome H3201 it.

Núm 13:31 But the men H376 that H834 went up H5927 with H5973 him said, H559 We be not able H3201 H3808 to go up H5927 against H413 the people; H5971 for H3588 they H1931 are stronger H2389 than H4480 we.

Núm 13:32 And they brought up H3318 an evil report H1681 of the land H776 which H834 they had searched H8446 unto H413 the children H1121 of Israel, H3478 saying, H559 The land, H776 through which H834 we have gone H5674 to search H8446 it, is a land H776 that H1931 eateth up H398 the inhabitants H3427 thereof; and all H3605 the people H5971 that H834 we saw H7200 in H8432 it are men H376 of a great stature.H4060

Núm 13:33 And there H8033 we saw H7200 (H853) the giants, H5303 the sons H1121 of Anak, H6061 which come of H4480 the giants: H5303 and we were H1961 in our own sight H5869 as grasshoppers, H2284 and so H3651 we were H1961 in their sight.H5869

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