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Núm 14:1 And all H3605 the congregation H5712 lifted up H5375 (H853) their voice, H6963 and cried; H5414 and the people H5971 wept H1058 that H1931 night.H3915

Núm 14:2 And all H3605 the children H1121 of Israel H3478 murmured H3885 against H5921 Moses H4872 and against H5921 Aaron: H175 and the whole H3605 congregation H5712 said H559 unto H413 them, Would God that H3863 we had died H4191 in the land H776 of Egypt! H4714 or H176 would God H3863 we had died H4191 in this H2088 wilderness!H4057

Núm 14:3 And wherefore H4100 hath the LORD H3068 brought H935 us unto H413 this H2063 land, H776 to fall H5307 by the sword, H2719 that our wives H802 and our children H2945 should be H1961 a prey? H957 were it not H3808 better H2896 for us to return H7725 into Egypt?H4714

Núm 14:4 And they said H559 one H376 to H413 another, H251 Let us make H5414 a captain, H7218 and let us return H7725 into Egypt.H4714

Núm 14:5 Then Moses H4872 and Aaron H175 fell H5307 on H5921 their faces H6440 before H6440 all H3605 the assembly H6951 of the congregation H5712 of the children H1121 of Israel.H3478

Núm 14:6 And Joshua H3091 the son H1121 of Nun, H5126 and Caleb H3612 the son H1121 of Jephunneh, H3312 which were of H4480 them that searched H8446 (H853) the land, H776 rent H7167 their clothes:H899

Núm 14:7 And they spake H559 unto H413 all H3605 the company H5712 of the children H1121 of Israel, H3478 saying, H559 The land, H776 which H834 we passed through H5674 to search H8446 it, is an exceeding H3966 H3966 good H2896 land.H776

Núm 14:8 If H518 the LORD H3068 delight H2654 in us, then he will bring H935 us into H413 this H2063 land, H776 and give H5414 it us; a land H776 which H834 floweth H2100 with milk H2461 and honey.H1706

Núm 14:9 Only H389 rebel H4775 not H408 ye against the LORD, H3068 neither H408 fear H3372 ye H859 (H853) the people H5971 of the land; H776 for H3588 they H1992 are bread H3899 for us: their defence H6738 is departed H5493 from H4480 H5921 them, and the LORD H3068 is with H854 us: fear H3372 them not.H408

Núm 14:10 But all H3605 the congregation H5712 bade H559 stone H7275 them with stones. H68 And the glory H3519 of the LORD H3068 appeared H7200 in the tabernacle H168 of the congregation H4150 before H413 all H3605 the children H1121 of Israel.H3478

Núm 14:11 And the LORD H3068 said H559 unto H413 Moses, H4872 How long H5704 H575 will this H2088 people H5971 provoke H5006 me? and how long H5704 H575 will it be ere H3808 they believe H539 me, for all H3605 the signs H226 which H834 I have shewed H6213 among H7130 them?

Núm 14:12 I will smite H5221 them with the pestilence, H1698 and disinherit H3423 them, and will make H6213 of thee a greater H1419 nation H1471 and mightier H6099 than H4480 they.

Núm 14:13 And Moses H4872 said H559 unto H413 the LORD, H3068 Then the Egyptians H4714 shall hear H8085 it, (for H3588 thou broughtest up H5927 (H853) this H2088 people H5971 in thy might H3581 from among H4480 H7130 them;)

Núm 14:14 And they will tell H559 it to H413 the inhabitants H3427 of this H2063 land: H776 for they have heard H8085 that H3588 thou H859 LORD H3068 art among H7130 this H2088 people, H5971 that H834 thou H859 LORD H3068 art seen H7200 face H5869 to face, H5869 and that thy cloud H6051 standeth H5975 over H5921 them, and that thou H859 goest H1980 before H6440 them, by day time H3119 in a pillar H5982 of a cloud, H6051 and in a pillar H5982 of fire H784 by night.H3915

Núm 14:15 Now if thou shalt kill H4191 all(H853) this H2088 people H5971 as one H259 man, H376 then the nations H1471 which H834 have heard H8085 (H853) the fame H8088 of thee will speak, H559 saying,H559

Núm 14:16 Because H4480 H1115 the LORD H3068 was not able H3201 to bring H935 (H853) this H2088 people H5971 into H413 the land H776 which H834 he sware H7650 unto them, therefore he hath slain H7819 them in the wilderness.H4057

Núm 14:17 And now, H6258 I beseech thee, H4994 let the power H3581 of my Lord H136 be great, H1431 according as H834 thou hast spoken, H1696 saying,H559

Núm 14:18 The LORD H3068 is longsuffering, H750 H639 and of great H7227 mercy, H2617 forgiving H5375 iniquity H5771 and transgression, H6588 and by no means clearing H5352 H5352 H3808 the guilty, visiting H6485 the iniquity H5771 of the fathers H1 upon H5921 the children H1121 unto H5921 the third H8029 and fourth H7256 generation.

Núm 14:19 Pardon, H5545 I beseech thee, H4994 the iniquity H5771 of this H2088 people H5971 according unto the greatness H1433 of thy mercy, H2617 and as H834 thou hast forgiven H5375 this H2088 people, H5971 from Egypt H4480 H4714 even until H5704 now.H2008

Núm 14:20 And the LORD H3068 said, H559 I have pardoned H5545 according to thy word:H1697

Núm 14:21 But as truly H199 as I H589 live, H2416 (H853) all H3605 the earth H776 shall be filled H4390 with the glory H3519 of the LORD.H3068

Núm 14:22 Because H3588 all H3605 those men H376 which have seen H7200 (H853) my glory, H3519 and my miracles, H226 which H834 I did H6213 in Egypt H4714 and in the wilderness, H4057 and have tempted H5254 me now these H2088 ten H6235 times, H6471 and have not H3808 hearkened H8085 to my voice;H6963

Núm 14:23 Surely H518 they shall not see H7200 (H853) the land H776 which H834 I sware H7650 unto their fathers, H1 neither H3808 shall any H3605 of them that provoked H5006 me see H7200 it:

Núm 14:24 But my servant H5650 Caleb, H3612 because H6118 he had H1961 another H312 spirit H7307 with H5973 him, and hath followed me fully, H4390 H310 him will I bring H935 into H413 the land H776 whereinto H834 H8033 he went; H935 and his seed H2233 shall possess H3423 it.

Núm 14:25 (Now the Amalekites H6003 and the Canaanites H3669 dwelt H3427 in the valley.) H6010 To morrow H4279 turn H6437 you, and get H5265 you into the wilderness H4057 by the way H1870 of the Red H5488 sea.H3220

Núm 14:26 And the LORD H3068 spake H1696 unto H413 Moses H4872 and unto H413 Aaron, H175 saying,H559

Núm 14:27 How long H5704 H4970 shall I bear with this H2063 evil H7451 congregation, H5712 which H834 murmur H3885 against H5921 me? I have heard H8085 (H853) the murmurings H8519 of the children H1121 of Israel, H3478 which H834 they H1992 murmur H3885 against H5921 me.

Núm 14:28 Say H559 unto H413 them, As truly as I H589 live, H2416 saith H5002 the LORD, H3068 as H834 ye have spoken H1696 in mine ears, H241 so H3651 will I do H6213 to you:

Núm 14:29 Your carcases H6297 shall fall H5307 in this H2088 wilderness; H4057 and all H3605 that were numbered H6485 of you, according to your whole H3605 number, H4557 from twenty H6242 years H8141 old H4480 H1121 and upward, H4605 which H834 have murmured H3885 against H5921 me,

Núm 14:30 Doubtless H518 ye H859 shall not come H935 into H413 the land, H776 concerning which H834 I sware H5375 (H853) H3027 to make you dwell H7931 therein, save H3588 H518 Caleb H3612 the son H1121 of Jephunneh, H3312 and Joshua H3091 the son H1121 of Nun.H5126

Núm 14:31 But your little ones, H2945 which H834 ye said H559 should be H1961 a prey, H957 them will I bring in, H935 and they shall know H3045 (H853) the land H776 which H834 ye have despised.H3988

Núm 14:32 But as for you, H859 your carcases, H6297 they shall fall H5307 in this H2088 wilderness.H4057

Núm 14:33 And your children H1121 shall wander H1961 H7462 in the wilderness H4057 forty H705 years, H8141 and bear H5375 (H853) your whoredoms, H2184 until H5704 your carcases H6297 be wasted H8552 in the wilderness.H4057

Núm 14:34 After the number H4557 of the days H3117 in which H834 ye searched H8446 (H853) the land, H776 even forty H705 days, H3117 each day for a year, H3117 H8141 H3117 H8141 shall ye bear H5375 (H853) your iniquities, H5771 even forty H705 years, H8141 and ye shall know H3045 (H853) my breach of promise.H8569

Núm 14:35 I H589 the LORD H3068 have said, H1696 I will surely H518 H3808 do H6213 it H2063 unto all H3605 this H2063 evil H7451 congregation, H5712 that are gathered together H3259 against H5921 me: in this H2088 wilderness H4057 they shall be consumed, H8552 and there H8033 they shall die.H4191

Núm 14:36 And the men, H376 which H834 Moses H4872 sent H7971 to search H8446 (H853) the land, H776 who returned, H7725 and made(H853) all H3605 the congregation H5712 to murmur H3885 against H5921 him, by bringing up H3318 a slander H1681 upon H5921 the land,H776

Núm 14:37 Even those men H376 that did bring up H3318 the evil H7451 report H1681 upon the land, H776 died H4191 by the plague H4046 before H6440 the LORD.H3068

Núm 14:38 But Joshua H3091 the son H1121 of Nun, H5126 and Caleb H3612 the son H1121 of Jephunneh, H3312 which were of H4480 the men H376 that went H1980 to search H8446 (H853) the land, H776 lived H2421 still.

Núm 14:39 And Moses H4872 told H1696 (H853) these H428 sayings H1697 unto H413 all H3605 the children H1121 of Israel: H3478 and the people H5971 mourned H56 greatly.H3966

Núm 14:40 And they rose up early H7925 in the morning, H1242 and gat them up H5927 into H413 the top H7218 of the mountain, H2022 saying, H559 Lo, H2009 we be here, and will go up H5927 unto H413 the place H4725 which H834 the LORD H3068 hath promised: H559 for H3588 we have sinned.H2398

Núm 14:41 And Moses H4872 said, H559 Wherefore H4100 now H2088 do ye H859 transgress H5674 (H853) the commandment H6310 of the LORD? H3068 but it H1931 shall not H3808 prosper.H6743

Núm 14:42 Go not up, H5927 H408 for H3588 the LORD H3068 is not H369 among H7130 you; that ye be not H3808 smitten H5062 before H6440 your enemies.H341

Núm 14:43 For H3588 the Amalekites H6003 and the Canaanites H3669 are there H8033 before H6440 you, and ye shall fall H5307 by the sword: H2719 because H3588 H5921 H3651 ye are turned away H7725 from H4480 H310 the LORD, H3068 therefore the LORD H3068 will not H3808 be H1961 with H5973 you.

Núm 14:44 But they presumed H6075 to go up H5927 unto H413 the hill H2022 top: H7218 nevertheless the ark H727 of the covenant H1285 of the LORD, H3068 and Moses, H4872 departed H4185 not H3808 out of H4480 H7130 the camp.H4264

Núm 14:45 Then the Amalekites H6003 came down, H3381 and the Canaanites H3669 which dwelt H3427 in that H1931 hill, H2022 and smote H5221 them, and discomfited H3807 them, even unto H5704 Hormah.H2767

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