Oseas  Capitulo 8 - King James with Numbers Strong

Ose 8:1 Set the trumpet H7782 to H413 thy mouth. H2441 He shall come as an eagle H5404 against H5921 the house H1004 of the LORD, H3068 because H3282 they have transgressed H5674 my covenant, H1285 and trespassed H6586 against H5921 my law.H8451

Ose 8:2 Israel H3478 shall cry H2199 unto me, My God, H430 we know H3045 thee.

Ose 8:3 Israel H3478 hath cast off H2186 the thing that is good: H2896 the enemy H341 shall pursue H7291 him.

Ose 8:4 They H1992 have set up kings, H4427 but not H3808 by H4480 me: they have made princes, H8323 and I knew H3045 it not: H3808 of their silver H3701 and their gold H2091 have they made H6213 them idols, H6091 that H4616 they may be cut off.H3772

Ose 8:5 Thy calf, H5695 O Samaria, H8111 hath cast thee off; H2186 mine anger H639 is kindled H2734 against them: how long H5704 H4970 will it be ere H3808 they attain H3201 to innocency?H5356

Ose 8:6 For H3588 from Israel H4480 H3478 was it H1931 also: the workman H2796 made H6213 it; H1931 therefore it is not H3808 God: H430 but H3588 the calf H5695 of Samaria H8111 shall be H1961 broken in pieces.H7616

Ose 8:7 For H3588 they have sown H2232 the wind, H7307 and they shall reap H7114 the whirlwind: H5492 it hath no H369 stalk: H7054 the bud H6780 shall yield H6213 no H1097 meal: H7058 if so be H194 it yield, H6213 the strangers H2114 shall swallow it up.H1104

Ose 8:8 Israel H3478 is swallowed up: H1104 now H6258 shall they be H1961 among the Gentiles H1471 as a vessel H3627 wherein is no H369 pleasure.H2656

Ose 8:9 For H3588 they H1992 are gone up H5927 to Assyria, H804 a wild ass H6501 alone H909 by himself: Ephraim H669 hath hired H8566 lovers.H158

Ose 8:10 Yea, H1571 though H3588 they have hired H8566 among the nations, H1471 now H6258 will I gather H6908 them, and they shall sorrow H2490 a little H4592 for the burden H4480 H4853 of the king H4428 of princes.H8269

Ose 8:11 Because H3588 Ephraim H669 hath made many H7235 altars H4196 to sin, H2398 altars H4196 shall be H1961 unto him to sin.H2398

Ose 8:12 I have written H3789 to him the great things H7230 of my law, H8451 but they were counted H2803 as H3644 a strange thing.H2114

Ose 8:13 They sacrifice H2076 flesh H1320 for the sacrifices H2077 of mine offerings, H1890 and eat H398 it; but the LORD H3068 accepteth H7521 them not; H3808 now H6258 will he remember H2142 their iniquity, H5771 and visit H6485 their sins: H2403 they H1992 shall return H7725 to Egypt.H4714

Ose 8:14 For Israel H3478 hath forgotten H7911 (H853) his Maker, H6213 and buildeth H1129 temples; H1964 and Judah H3063 hath multiplied H7235 fenced H1219 cities: H5892 but I will send H7971 a fire H784 upon his cities, H5892 and it shall devour H398 the palaces H759 thereof.

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