Salmos  Capitulo 25 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 25:1 A Psalm of David. H1732 Unto H413 thee, O LORD, H3068 do I lift up H5375 my soul.H5315

Sal 25:2 O my God, H430 I trust H982 in thee: let me not H408 be ashamed, H954 let not H408 mine enemies H341 triumph H5970 over me.

Sal 25:3 Yea, H1571 let none H3605 H3808 that wait H6960 on thee be ashamed: H954 let them be ashamed H954 which transgress H898 without cause.H7387

Sal 25:4 Shew H3045 me thy ways, H1870 O LORD; H3068 teach H3925 me thy paths.H734

Sal 25:5 Lead H1869 me in thy truth, H571 and teach H3925 me: for H3588 thou H859 art the God H430 of my salvation; H3468 on thee do I wait H6960 all H3605 the day.H3117

Sal 25:6 Remember, H2142 O LORD, H3068 thy tender mercies H7356 and thy lovingkindnesses; H2617 for H3588 they H1992 have been ever of old. H4480 H5769

Sal 25:7 Remember H2142 not H408 the sins H2403 of my youth, H5271 nor my transgressions: H6588 according to thy mercy H2617 remember H2142 thou H859 me for thy goodness' sake, H4616 H2898 O LORD.H3068

Sal 25:8 Good H2896 and upright H3477 is the LORD: H3068 therefore H5921 H3651 will he teach H3384 sinners H2400 in the way.H1870

Sal 25:9 The meek H6035 will he guide H1869 in judgment: H4941 and the meek H6035 will he teach H3925 his way.H1870

Sal 25:10 All H3605 the paths H734 of the LORD H3068 are mercy H2617 and truth H571 unto such as keep H5341 his covenant H1285 and his testimonies.H5713

Sal 25:12 What H4310 man H376 is he that H2088 feareth H3373 the LORD? H3068 him shall he teach H3384 in the way H1870 that he shall choose.H977

Sal 25:13 His soul H5315 shall dwell H3885 at ease; H2896 and his seed H2233 shall inherit H3423 the earth.H776

Sal 25:14 The secret H5475 of the LORD H3068 is with them that fear H3373 him; and he will shew H3045 them his covenant.H1285

Sal 25:15 Mine eyes H5869 are ever H8548 toward H413 the LORD; H3068 for H3588 he H1931 shall pluck my feet out H3318 H7272 of the net. H4480 H7568

Sal 25:16 Turn H6437 thee unto H413 me, and have mercy H2603 upon me; for H3588 I H589 am desolate H3173 and afflicted.H6041

Sal 25:17 The troubles H6869 of my heart H3824 are enlarged: H7337 O bring thou me out H3318 of my distresses. H4480 H4691

Sal 25:18 Look upon H7200 mine affliction H6040 and my pain; H5999 and forgive H5375 all H3605 my sins.H2403

Sal 25:19 Consider H7200 mine enemies; H341 for H3588 they are many; H7231 and they hate H8130 me with cruel H2555 hatred.H8135

Sal 25:20 O keep H8104 my soul, H5315 and deliver H5337 me: let me not H408 be ashamed; H954 for H3588 I put my trust H2620 in thee.

Sal 25:21 Let integrity H8537 and uprightness H3476 preserve H5341 me; for H3588 I wait on H6960 thee.

Sal 25:22 Redeem H6299 (H853) Israel, H3478 O God, H430 out of all H4480 H3605 his troubles.H6869

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