Salmos  Capitulo 31 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 31:1 To the chief Musician, H5329 A Psalm H4210 of David. H1732 In thee, O LORD, H3068 do I put my trust; H2620 let me never H408 H5769 be ashamed: H954 deliver H6403 me in thy righteousness.H6666

Sal 31:2 Bow down H5186 thine ear H241 to H413 me; deliver H5337 me speedily: H4120 be H1961 thou my strong H4581 rock, H6697 for an house H1004 of defence H4686 to save H3467 me.

Sal 31:3 For H3588 thou H859 art my rock H5553 and my fortress; H4686 therefore for thy name's sake H4616 H8034 lead H5148 me, and guide H5095 me.

Sal 31:4 Pull me out H3318 of the net H4480 H7568 that H2098 they have laid privily H2934 for me: for H3588 thou H859 art my strength.H4581

Sal 31:5 Into thine hand H3027 I commit H6485 my spirit: H7307 thou hast redeemed H6299 me, O LORD H3068 God H410 of truth.H571

Sal 31:6 I have hated H8130 them that regard H8104 lying H7723 vanities: H1892 but I H589 trust H982 in H413 the LORD.H3068

Sal 31:7 I will be glad H1523 and rejoice H8055 in thy mercy: H2617 for H834 thou hast considered H7200 (H853) my trouble; H6040 thou hast known H3045 my soul H5315 in adversities;H6869

Sal 31:8 And hast not H3808 shut me up H5462 into the hand H3027 of the enemy: H341 thou hast set H5975 my feet H7272 in a large room.H4800

Sal 31:9 Have mercy H2603 upon me, O LORD, H3068 for H3588 I am in trouble: H6862 mine eye H5869 is consumed H6244 with grief, H3708 yea, my soul H5315 and my belly.H990

Sal 31:10 For H3588 my life H2416 is spent H3615 with grief, H3015 and my years H8141 with sighing: H585 my strength H3581 faileth H3782 because of mine iniquity, H5771 and my bones H6106 are consumed.H6244

Sal 31:11 I was H1961 a reproach H2781 among all H4480 H3605 mine enemies, H6887 but especially H3966 among my neighbours, H7934 and a fear H6343 to mine acquaintance: H3045 they that did see H7200 me without H2351 fled H5074 from H4480 me.

Sal 31:12 I am forgotten H7911 as a dead man H4191 out of mind: H4480 H3820 I am H1961 like a broken H6 vessel.H3627

Sal 31:13 For H3588 I have heard H8085 the slander H1681 of many: H7227 fear H4032 was on every side: H4480 H5439 while they took counsel H3245 together H3162 against H5921 me, they devised H2161 to take away H3947 my life.H5315

Sal 31:14 But I H589 trusted H982 in H5921 thee, O LORD: H3068 I said, H559 Thou H859 art my God.H430

Sal 31:15 My times H6256 are in thy hand: H3027 deliver H5337 me from the hand H4480 H3027 of mine enemies, H341 and from them that persecute H4480 H7291 me.

Sal 31:16 Make thy face H6440 to shine H215 upon H5921 thy servant: H5650 save H3467 me for thy mercies' H2617 sake.

Sal 31:17 Let me not H408 be ashamed, H954 O LORD; H3068 for H3588 I have called upon H7121 thee: let the wicked H7563 be ashamed, H954 and let them be silent H1826 in the grave.H7585

Sal 31:18 Let the lying H8267 lips H8193 be put to silence; H481 which speak H1696 grievous things H6277 proudly H1346 and contemptuously H937 against H5921 the righteous.H6662

Sal 31:19 Oh how H4100 great H7227 is thy goodness, H2898 which H834 thou hast laid up H6845 for them that fear H3373 thee; which thou hast wrought H6466 for them that trust H2620 in thee before H5048 the sons H1121 of men!H120

Sal 31:20 Thou shalt hide H5641 them in the secret H5643 of thy presence H6440 from the pride H4480 H7407 of man: H376 thou shalt keep them secretly H6845 in a pavilion H5521 from the strife H4480 H7379 of tongues.H3956

Sal 31:21 Blessed H1288 be the LORD: H3068 for H3588 he hath shewed me his marvellous kindness H6381 H2617 in a strong H4692 city.H5892

Sal 31:22 For I H589 said H559 in my haste, H2648 I am cut off H1629 from before H4480 H5048 thine eyes: H5869 nevertheless H403 thou heardest H8085 the voice H6963 of my supplications H8469 when I cried H7768 unto H413 thee.

Sal 31:23 O love H157 (H853) the LORD, H3068 all H3605 ye his saints: H2623 for the LORD H3068 preserveth H5341 the faithful, H539 and plentifully H5921 H3499 rewardeth H7999 the proud H1346 doer.H6213

Sal 31:24 Be of good courage, H2388 and he shall strengthen H553 your heart, H3824 all H3605 ye that hope H3176 in the LORD.H3068

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