Salmos  Capitulo 81 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 81:1 To the chief Musician H5329 upon H5921 Gittith, H1665 A Psalm of Asaph. H623 Sing aloud H7442 unto God H430 our strength: H5797 make a joyful noise H7321 unto the God H430 of Jacob.H3290

Sal 81:2 Take H5375 a psalm, H2172 and bring H5414 hither the timbrel, H8596 the pleasant H5273 harp H3658 with H5973 the psaltery.H5035

Sal 81:3 Blow up H8628 the trumpet H7782 in the new moon, H2320 in the time appointed, H3677 on our solemn feast H2282 day.H3117

Sal 81:4 For H3588 this H1931 was a statute H2706 for Israel, H3478 and a law H4941 of the God H430 of Jacob.H3290

Sal 81:5 This he ordained H7760 in Joseph H3084 for a testimony, H5715 when he went out H3318 through H5921 the land H776 of Egypt: H4714 where I heard H8085 a language H8193 that I understood H3045 not.H3808

Sal 81:6 I removed H5493 his shoulder H7926 from the burden: H4480 H5447 his hands H3709 were delivered H5674 from the pots. H4480 H1731

Sal 81:7 Thou calledst H7121 in trouble, H6869 and I delivered H2502 thee; I answered H6030 thee in the secret place H5643 of thunder: H7482 I proved H974 thee at H5921 the waters H4325 of Meribah. H4809 Selah.H5542

Sal 81:8 Hear, H8085 O my people, H5971 and I will testify H5749 unto thee: O Israel, H3478 if H518 thou wilt hearken H8085 unto me;

Sal 81:9 There shall no H3808 strange H2114 god H410 be H1961 in thee; neither H3808 shalt thou worship H7812 any strange H5236 god.H410

Sal 81:10 I H595 am the LORD H3068 thy God, H430 which brought H5927 thee out of the land H4480 H776 of Egypt: H4714 open thy mouth H6310 wide, H7337 and I will fill H4390 it.

Sal 81:11 But my people H5971 would not H3808 hearken H8085 to my voice; H6963 and Israel H3478 would H14 none H3808 of me.

Sal 81:12 So I gave them up H7971 unto their own hearts' H3820 lust: H8307 and they walked H1980 in their own counsels.H4156

Sal 81:13 Oh that H3863 my people H5971 had hearkened H8085 unto me, and Israel H3478 had walked H1980 in my ways!H1870

Sal 81:14 I should soon H4592 have subdued H3665 their enemies, H341 and turned H7725 my hand H3027 against H5921 their adversaries.H6862

Sal 81:15 The haters H8130 of the LORD H3068 should have submitted H3584 themselves unto him: but their time H6256 should have endured H1961 for ever.H5769

Sal 81:16 He should have fed H398 them also with the finest H4480 H2459 of the wheat: H2406 and with honey H1706 out of the rock H4480 H6697 should I have satisfied H7646 thee.

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