2 Crónicas  Capitulo 7 - King James with Numbers Strong

2Cr 7:1 Now when Solomon H8010 had made an end H3615 of praying, H6419 the fire H784 came down H3381 from heaven, H4480 H8064 and consumed H398 the burnt offering H5930 and the sacrifices; H2077 and the glory H3519 of the LORD H3068 filled H4390 (H853) the house.H1004

2Cr 7:2 And the priests H3548 could H3201 not H3808 enter H935 into H413 the house H1004 of the LORD, H3068 because H3588 the glory H3519 of the LORD H3068 had filled H4390 (H853) the LORD'S H3068 house.H1004

2Cr 7:3 And when all H3605 the children H1121 of Israel H3478 saw H7200 how the fire H784 came down, H3381 and the glory H3519 of the LORD H3068 upon H5921 the house, H1004 they bowed H3766 themselves with their faces H639 to the ground H776 upon H5921 the pavement, H7531 and worshipped, H7812 and praised H3034 the LORD, H3068 saying, For H3588 he is good; H2896 for H3588 his mercy H2617 endureth for ever.H5769

2Cr 7:4 Then the king H4428 and all H3605 the people H5971 offered H2076 sacrifices H2077 before H6440 the LORD.H3068

2Cr 7:5 And king H4428 Solomon H8010 offered H2076 (H853) a sacrifice H2077 of twenty H6242 and two H8147 thousand H505 oxen, H1241 and an hundred H3967 and twenty H6242 thousand H505 sheep: H6629 so the king H4428 and all H3605 the people H5971 dedicated H2596 (H853) the house H1004 of God.H430

2Cr 7:6 And the priests H3548 waited H5975 on H5921 their offices: H4931 the Levites H3881 also with instruments H3627 of musick H7892 of the LORD, H3068 which H834 David H1732 the king H4428 had made H6213 to praise H3034 the LORD, H3068 because H3588 his mercy H2617 endureth for ever, H5769 when David H1732 praised H1984 by their ministry; H3027 and the priests H3548 sounded H2690 trumpets before H5048 them, and all H3605 Israel H3478 stood.H5975

2Cr 7:7 Moreover Solomon H8010 hallowed H6942 (H853) the middle H8432 of the court H2691 that H834 was before H6440 the house H1004 of the LORD: H3068 for H3588 there H8033 he offered H6213 burnt offerings, H5930 and the fat H2459 of the peace offerings, H8002 because H3588 the brasen H5178 altar H4196 which H834 Solomon H8010 had made H6213 was not able H3201 H3808 to receive H3557 (H853) the burnt offerings, H5930 and the meat offerings, H4503 and the fat.H2459

2Cr 7:8 Also at the same H1931 time H6256 Solomon H8010 kept H6213 (H853) the feast H2282 seven H7651 days, H3117 and all H3605 Israel H3478 with H5973 him, a very H3966 great H1419 congregation, H6951 from the entering in H4480 H935 of Hamath H2574 unto H5704 the river H5158 of Egypt.H4714

2Cr 7:9 And in the eighth H8066 day H3117 they made H6213 a solemn assembly: H6116 for H3588 they kept H6213 the dedication H2598 of the altar H4196 seven H7651 days, H3117 and the feast H2282 seven H7651 days.H3117

2Cr 7:10 And on the three H7969 and twentieth H6242 day H3117 of the seventh H7637 month H2320 he sent H7971 (H853) the people H5971 away into their tents, H168 glad H8056 and merry H2896 in heart H3820 for H5921 the goodness H2896 that H834 the LORD H3068 had shewed H6213 unto David, H1732 and to Solomon, H8010 and to Israel H3478 his people.H5971

2Cr 7:11 Thus Solomon H8010 finished H3615 (H853) the house H1004 of the LORD, H3068 and the king's H4428 house: H1004 and all H3605 that came H935 into H5921 Solomon's H8010 heart H3820 to make H6213 in the house H1004 of the LORD, H3068 and in his own house, H1004 he prosperously effected.H6743

2Cr 7:12 And the LORD H3068 appeared H7200 to H413 Solomon H8010 by night, H3915 and said H559 unto him, I have heard H8085 (H853) thy prayer, H8605 and have chosen H977 this H2088 place H4725 to myself for an house H1004 of sacrifice.H2077

2Cr 7:13 If H2005 I shut up H6113 heaven H8064 that there be H1961 no H3808 rain, H4306 or if H2005 I command H6680 H5921 the locusts H2284 to devour H398 the land, H776 or if H518 I send H7971 pestilence H1698 among my people;H5971

2Cr 7:14 If my people, H5971 which H834 are called H7121 H5921 by my name, H8034 shall humble themselves, H3665 and pray, H6419 and seek H1245 my face, H6440 and turn H7725 from their wicked H7451 ways; H4480 H1870 then will I H589 hear H8085 from H4480 heaven, H8064 and will forgive H5545 their sin, H2403 and will heal H7495 (H853) their land.H776

2Cr 7:15 Now H6258 mine eyes H5869 shall be H1961 open, H6605 and mine ears H241 attent H7183 unto the prayer H8605 that is made in this H2088 place.H4725

2Cr 7:16 For now H6258 have I chosen H977 and sanctified H6942 (H853) this H2088 house, H1004 that my name H8034 may be H1961 there H8033 for ever: H5704 H5769 and mine eyes H5869 and mine heart H3820 shall be H1961 there H8033 perpetually. H3605 H3117

2Cr 7:17 And as for thee, H859 if H518 thou wilt walk H1980 before H6440 me, as H834 David H1732 thy father H1 walked, H1980 and do H6213 according to all H3605 that H834 I have commanded H6680 thee, and shalt observe H8104 my statutes H2706 and my judgments;H4941

2Cr 7:18 Then will I stablish H6965 (H853) the throne H3678 of thy kingdom, H4438 according as H834 I have covenanted H3772 with David H1732 thy father, H1 saying, H559 There shall not H3808 fail H3772 thee a man H376 to be ruler H4910 in Israel.H3478

2Cr 7:19 But if H518 ye H859 turn away, H7725 and forsake H5800 my statutes H2708 and my commandments, H4687 which H834 I have set H5414 before H6440 you, and shall go H1980 and serve H5647 other H312 gods, H430 and worship H7812 them;

2Cr 7:20 Then will I pluck them up by the roots H5428 out of H4480 H5921 my land H127 which H834 I have given H5414 them; and this H2088 house, H1004 which H834 I have sanctified H6942 for my name, H8034 will I cast out H7993 of H4480 H5921 my sight, H6440 and will make H5414 it to be a proverb H4912 and a byword H8148 among all H3605 nations.H5971

2Cr 7:21 And this H2088 house, H1004 which H834 is H1961 high, H5945 shall be an astonishment H8074 to every one H3605 that passeth H5674 by H5921 it; so that he shall say, H559 Why H4100 hath the LORD H3068 done H6213 thus H3602 unto this H2063 land, H776 and unto this H2088 house?H1004

2Cr 7:22 And it shall be answered, H559 Because H5921 H834 they forsook H5800 (H853) the LORD H3068 God H430 of their fathers, H1 which H834 brought them forth H3318 out of the land H4480 H776 of Egypt, H4714 and laid hold H2388 on other H312 gods, H430 and worshipped H7812 them, and served H5647 them: therefore H5921 H3651 hath he brought H935 (H853) all H3605 this H2063 evil H7451 upon H5921 them.

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