2 Reyes  Capitulo 4 - King James with Numbers Strong

2Re 4:1 Now there cried H6817 a certain H259 woman H802 of the wives H4480 H802 of the sons H1121 of the prophets H5030 unto H413 Elisha, H477 saying, H559 Thy servant H5650 my husband H376 is dead; H4191 and thou H859 knowest H3045 that H3588 thy servant H5650 did H1961 fear H3372 (H853) the LORD: H3068 and the creditor H5383 is come H935 to take H3947 unto him(H853) my two H8147 sons H3206 to be bondmen.H5650

2Re 4:2 And Elisha H477 said H559 unto H413 her, What H4100 shall I do H6213 for thee? tell H5046 me, what H4100 hast H3426 thou in the house? H1004 And she said, H559 Thine handmaid H8198 hath not H369 any thing H3605 in the house, H1004 save H3588 H518 a pot H610 of oil.H8081

2Re 4:3 Then he said, H559 Go, H1980 borrow H7592 thee vessels H3627 abroad H4480 H2351 of H4480 H854 all H3605 thy neighbours, H7934 even empty H7386 vessels; H3627 borrow not a few. H408 H4591

2Re 4:4 And when thou art come in, H935 thou shalt shut H5462 the door H1817 upon H1157 thee and upon H1157 thy sons, H1121 and shalt pour out H3332 into H5921 all H3605 those H428 vessels, H3627 and thou shalt set aside H5265 that which is full.H4392

2Re 4:5 So she went H1980 from H4480 H854 him, and shut H5462 the door H1817 upon H1157 her and upon H1157 her sons, H1121 who H1992 brought H5066 the vessels to H413 her; and she H1931 poured out.H3332

2Re 4:6 And it came to pass, H1961 when the vessels H3627 were full, H4390 that she said H559 unto H413 her son, H1121 Bring H5066 H413 me yet H5750 a vessel. H3627 And he said H559 unto H413 her, There is not H369 a vessel H3627 more. H5750 And the oil H8081 stayed.H5975

2Re 4:7 Then she came H935 and told H5046 the man H376 of God. H430 And he said, H559 Go, H1980 sell H4376 (H853) the oil, H8081 and pay H7999 (H853) thy debt, H5386 and live H2421 thou H859 and thy children H1121 of the rest.H3498

2Re 4:8 And it fell H1961 on a day, H3117 that Elisha H477 passed H5674 to H413 Shunem, H7766 where H8033 was a great H1419 woman; H802 and she constrained H2388 him to eat H398 bread. H3899 And so it was, H1961 that as oft H4480 H1767 as he passed by, H5674 he turned in H5493 thither H8033 to eat H398 bread.H3899

2Re 4:9 And she said H559 unto H413 her husband, H376 Behold H2009 now, H4994 I perceive H3045 that H3588 this H1931 is an holy H6918 man H376 of God, H430 which passeth by H5674 H5921 us continually.H8548

2Re 4:10 Let us make H6213 a little H6996 chamber, H5944 I pray thee, H4994 on the wall; H7023 and let us set H7760 for him there H8033 a bed, H4296 and a table, H7979 and a stool, H3678 and a candlestick: H4501 and it shall be, H1961 when he cometh H935 to H413 us, that he shall turn in H5493 thither.H8033

2Re 4:11 And it fell H1961 on a day, H3117 that he came H935 thither, H8033 and he turned H5493 into H413 the chamber, H5944 and lay H7901 there.H8033

2Re 4:12 And he said H559 to H413 Gehazi H1522 his servant, H5288 Call H7121 this H2063 Shunammite. H7767 And when he had called H7121 her, she stood H5975 before H6440 him.

2Re 4:13 And he said H559 unto him, Say H559 now H4994 unto H413 her, Behold, H2009 thou hast been careful H2729 for H413 us with H854 all H3605 this H2063 care; H2731 what H4100 is to be done H6213 for thee? wouldest H3426 thou be spoken H1696 for to H413 the king, H4428 or H176 to H413 the captain H8269 of the host? H6635 And she answered, H559 I H595 dwell H3427 among H8432 mine own people.H5971

2Re 4:14 And he said, H559 What H4100 then is to be done H6213 for her? And Gehazi H1522 answered, H559 Verily H61 she hath no H369 child, H1121 and her husband H376 is old.H2204

2Re 4:15 And he said, H559 Call H7121 her. And when he had called H7121 her, she stood H5975 in the door.H6607

2Re 4:16 And he said, H559 About this H2088 season, H4150 according to the time H6256 of life, H2416 thou H859 shalt embrace H2263 a son. H1121 And she said, H559 Nay, H408 my lord, H113 thou man H376 of God, H430 do not lie H3576 H408 unto thine handmaid.H8198

2Re 4:17 And the woman H802 conceived, H2029 and bare H3205 a son H1121 at that H2088 season H4150 that H834 Elisha H477 had said H1696 unto H413 her, according to the time H6256 of life.H2416

2Re 4:18 And when the child H3206 was grown, H1431 it fell H1961 on a day, H3117 that he went out H3318 to H413 his father H1 to H413 the reapers.H7114

2Re 4:19 And he said H559 unto H413 his father, H1 My head, H7218 my head. H7218 And he said H559 to H413 a lad, H5288 Carry H5375 him to H413 his mother.H517

2Re 4:20 And when he had taken H5375 him, and brought H935 him to H413 his mother, H517 he sat H3427 on H5921 her knees H1290 till H5704 noon, H6672 and then died.H4191

2Re 4:21 And she went up, H5927 and laid H7901 him on H5921 the bed H4296 of the man H376 of God, H430 and shut H5462 the door upon H1157 him, and went out.H3318

2Re 4:22 And she called H7121 unto H413 her husband, H376 and said, H559 Send H7971 me, I pray thee, H4994 one H259 of H4480 the young men, H5288 and one H259 of the asses, H860 that I may run H7323 to H5704 the man H376 of God, H430 and come again.H7725

2Re 4:23 And he said, H559 Wherefore H4069 wilt thou H859 go H1980 to H413 him to day? H3117 it is neither H3808 new moon, H2320 nor H3808 sabbath. H7676 And she said, H559 It shall be well.H7965

2Re 4:24 Then she saddled H2280 an ass, H860 and said H559 to H413 her servant, H5288 Drive, H5090 and go forward; H1980 slack H6113 not H408 thy riding H7392 for me, except H3588 H518 I bid H559 thee.

2Re 4:25 So she went H1980 and came H935 unto H413 the man H376 of God H430 to H413 mount H2022 Carmel. H3760 And it came to pass, H1961 when the man H376 of God H430 saw H7200 her afar off, H4480 H5048 that he said H559 to H413 Gehazi H1522 his servant, H5288 Behold, H2009 yonder is that H1975 Shunammite:H7767

2Re 4:26 Run H7323 now, H6258 I pray thee, H4994 to meet H7122 her, and say H559 unto her, Is it well H7965 with thee? is it well H7965 with thy husband? H376 is it well H7965 with the child? H3206 And she answered, H559 It is well.H7965

2Re 4:27 And when she came H935 to H413 the man H376 of God H430 to H413 the hill, H2022 she caught H2388 him by the feet: H7272 but Gehazi H1522 came near H5066 to thrust her away. H1920 And the man H376 of God H430 said, H559 Let her alone; H7503 for H3588 her soul H5315 is vexed H4843 within her: and the LORD H3068 hath hid H5956 it from H4480 me, and hath not H3808 told H5046 me.

2Re 4:29 Then he said H559 to Gehazi, H1522 Gird up H2296 thy loins, H4975 and take H3947 my staff H4938 in thine hand, H3027 and go thy way: H1980 if H3588 thou meet H4672 any man, H376 salute H1288 him not; H3808 and if H3588 any H376 salute H1288 thee, answer H6030 him not H3808 again: and lay H7760 my staff H4938 upon H5921 the face H6440 of the child.H5288

2Re 4:30 And the mother H517 of the child H5288 said, H559 As the LORD H3068 liveth, H2416 and as thy soul H5315 liveth, H2416 I will not H518 leave H5800 thee. And he arose, H6965 and followed H1980 H310 her.

2Re 4:31 And Gehazi H1522 passed on H5674 before H6440 them, and laid H7760 (H853) the staff H4938 upon H5921 the face H6440 of the child; H5288 but there was neither H369 voice, H6963 nor H369 hearing. H7182 Wherefore he went again H7725 to meet H7122 him, and told H5046 him, saying, H559 The child H5288 is not H3808 awaked.H6974

2Re 4:32 And when Elisha H477 was come H935 into the house, H1004 behold, H2009 the child H5288 was dead, H4191 and laid H7901 upon H5921 his bed.H4296

2Re 4:33 He went in H935 therefore, and shut H5462 the door H1817 upon H1157 them twain, H8147 and prayed H6419 unto H413 the LORD.H3068

2Re 4:34 And he went up, H5927 and lay H7901 upon H5921 the child, H3206 and put H7760 his mouth H6310 upon H5921 his mouth, H6310 and his eyes H5869 upon H5921 his eyes, H5869 and his hands H3709 upon H5921 his hands: H3709 and he stretched H1457 himself upon H5921 the child; and the flesh H1320 of the child H3206 waxed warm.H2552

2Re 4:35 Then he returned, H7725 and walked H1980 in the house H1004 to and fro; H259 H2008 H259 H2008 and went up, H5927 and stretched H1457 himself upon H5921 him: and the child H5288 sneezed H2237 H5704 seven H7651 times, H6471 and the child H5288 opened H6491 (H853) his eyes.H5869

2Re 4:36 And he called H7121 H413 Gehazi, H1522 and said, H559 Call H7121 H413 this H2063 Shunammite. H7767 So he called H7121 her. And when she was come H935 in unto H413 him, he said, H559 Take up H5375 thy son.H1121

2Re 4:37 Then she went in, H935 and fell H5307 at H5921 his feet, H7272 and bowed herself H7812 to the ground, H776 and took up H5375 (H853) her son, H1121 and went out.H3318

2Re 4:38 And Elisha H477 came again H7725 to Gilgal: H1537 and there was a dearth H7458 in the land; H776 and the sons H1121 of the prophets H5030 were sitting H3427 before H6440 him: and he said H559 unto his servant, H5288 Set on H8239 the great H1419 pot, H5518 and seethe H1310 pottage H5138 for the sons H1121 of the prophets.H5030

2Re 4:39 And one H259 went out H3318 into H413 the field H7704 to gather H3950 herbs, H219 and found H4672 a wild H7704 vine, H1612 and gathered H3950 thereof H4480 wild H7704 gourds H6498 his lap H899 full, H4393 and came H935 and shred H6398 them into H413 the pot H5518 of pottage: H5138 for H3588 they knew H3045 them not.H3808

2Re 4:40 So they poured out H3332 for the men H376 to eat. H398 And it came to pass, H1961 as they were eating H398 of the pottage, H4480 H5138 that they H1992 cried out, H6817 and said, H559 O thou man H376 of God, H430 there is death H4194 in the pot. H5518 And they could H3201 not H3808 eat H398 thereof.

2Re 4:41 But he said, H559 Then bring H3947 meal. H7058 And he cast H7993 it into H413 the pot; H5518 and he said, H559 Pour out H3332 for the people, H5971 that they may eat. H398 And there was H1961 no H3808 harm H1697 H7451 in the pot.H5518

2Re 4:42 And there came H935 a man H376 from Baalshalisha, H4480 H1190 and brought H935 the man H376 of God H430 bread H3899 of the firstfruits, H1061 twenty H6242 loaves H3899 of barley, H8184 and full ears of corn H3759 in the husk H6861 thereof. And he said, H559 Give H5414 unto the people, H5971 that they may eat.H398

2Re 4:43 And his servitor H8334 said, H559 What, H4100 should I set H5414 this H2088 before H6440 an hundred H3967 men? H376 He said H559 again, Give H5414 the people, H5971 that they may eat: H398 for H3588 thus H3541 saith H559 the LORD, H3068 They shall eat, H398 and shall leave H3498 thereof.

2Re 4:44 So he set H5414 it before H6440 them, and they did eat, H398 and left H3498 thereof, according to the word H1697 of the LORD.H3068

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