2 Samuel  Capitulo 18 - King James with Numbers Strong

2Sa 18:1 And David H1732 numbered H6485 (H853) the people H5971 that H834 were with H854 him, and set H7760 captains H8269 of thousands H505 and captains H8269 of hundreds H3967 over H5921 them.

2Sa 18:2 And David H1732 sent forth H7971 a third part H7992 of(H853) the people H5971 under the hand H3027 of Joab, H3097 and a third part H7992 under the hand H3027 of Abishai H52 the son H1121 of Zeruiah, H6870 Joab's H3097 brother, H251 and a third part H7992 under the hand H3027 of Ittai H863 the Gittite. H1663 And the king H4428 said H559 unto H413 the people, H5971 I will surely go forth H3318 H3318 with H5973 you myself H589 also.H1571

2Sa 18:3 But the people H5971 answered, H559 Thou shalt not H3808 go forth: H3318 for H3588 if H518 we flee away, H5127 H5127 they will not H3808 care H7760 H3820 for H413 us; neither H3808 if H518 half H2677 of us die, H4191 will they care H7760 H3820 for H413 us: but H3588 now H6258 thou art worth H3644 ten H6235 thousand H505 of us: therefore now H6258 it is better H2896 that H3588 thou succour H5826 us out of the city. H4480 H5892

2Sa 18:4 And the king H4428 said H559 unto H413 them, What H834 seemeth H5869 you best H3190 I will do. H6213 And the king H4428 stood H5975 by H413 the gate H8179 side, H3027 and all H3605 the people H5971 came out H3318 by hundreds H3967 and by thousands.H505

2Sa 18:5 And the king H4428 commanded H6680 (H853) Joab H3097 and Abishai H52 and Ittai, H863 saying, H559 Deal gently H328 for my sake with the young man, H5288 even with Absalom. H53 And all H3605 the people H5971 heard H8085 when the king H4428 gave(H853) all H3605 the captains H8269 charge H6680 concerning H5921 H1697 Absalom.H53

2Sa 18:6 So the people H5971 went out H3318 into the field H7704 against H7125 Israel: H3478 and the battle H4421 was H1961 in the wood H3293 of Ephraim;H669

2Sa 18:7 Where H8033 the people H5971 of Israel H3478 were slain H5062 before H6440 the servants H5650 of David, H1732 and there was H1961 there H8033 a great H1419 slaughter H4046 that H1931 day H3117 of twenty H6242 thousand H505 men.

2Sa 18:8 For the battle H4421 was H1961 there H8033 scattered H6327 over H5921 the face H6440 of all H3605 the country: H776 and the wood H3293 devoured H398 more H7235 people H5971 that H1931 day H3117 than the sword H2719 devoured.H398

2Sa 18:9 And Absalom H53 met H7122 the servants H5650 of David. H1732 And Absalom H53 rode H7392 upon H5921 a mule, H6505 and the mule H6505 went H935 under H8478 the thick boughs H7730 of a great H1419 oak, H424 and his head H7218 caught hold H2388 of the oak, H424 and he was taken up H5414 between H996 the heaven H8064 and the earth; H776 and the mule H6505 that H834 was under H8478 him went away.H5674

2Sa 18:10 And a certain H259 man H376 saw H7200 it, and told H5046 Joab, H3097 and said, H559 Behold, H2009 I saw H7200 (H853) Absalom H53 hanged H8518 in an oak.H424

2Sa 18:11 And Joab H3097 said H559 unto the man H376 that told H5046 him, And, behold, H2009 thou sawest H7200 him, and why H4069 didst thou not H3808 smite H5221 him there H8033 to the ground? H776 and I would have given H5414 thee ten H6235 shekels of silver, H3701 and a H259 girdle.H2290

2Sa 18:12 And the man H376 said H559 unto H413 Joab, H3097 Though H3863 I H595 should receive H8254 a thousand H505 shekels of silver H3701 in H5921 mine hand, H3709 yet would I not H3808 put forth H7971 mine hand H3027 against H413 the king's H4428 son: H1121 for H3588 in our hearing H241 the king H4428 charged H6680 thee and Abishai H52 and Ittai, H863 saying, H559 Beware that none H8104 touch the young man H5288 Absalom.H53

2Sa 18:13 Otherwise H176 I should have wrought H6213 falsehood H8267 against mine own life: H5315 for there is no matter H3808 H3605 H1697 hid H3582 from H4480 the king, H4428 and thou thyself H859 wouldest have set thyself H3320 against H4480 H5048 me.

2Sa 18:14 Then said H559 Joab, H3097 I may not H3808 tarry H3176 thus H3651 with H6440 thee. And he took H3947 three H7969 darts H7626 in his hand, H3709 and thrust H8628 them through the heart H3820 of Absalom, H53 while H5750 he was yet alive H2416 in the midst H3820 of the oak.H424

2Sa 18:15 And ten H6235 young men H5288 that bare H5375 Joab's H3097 armour H3627 compassed about H5437 and smote H5221 (H853) Absalom, H53 and slew H4191 him.

2Sa 18:16 And Joab H3097 blew H8628 the trumpet, H7782 and the people H5971 returned H7725 from pursuing H4480 H7291 after H310 Israel: H3478 for H3588 Joab H3097 held back H2820 (H853) the people.H5971

2Sa 18:17 And they took H3947 (H853) Absalom, H53 and cast H7993 him into H413 a great H1419 pit H6354 in the wood, H3293 and laid H5324 a very H3966 great H1419 heap H1530 of stones H68 upon H5921 him: and all H3605 Israel H3478 fled H5127 every one H376 to his tent.H168

2Sa 18:18 Now Absalom H53 in his lifetime H2416 had taken H3947 and reared up H5324 for himself(H853) a pillar, H4678 which H834 is in the king's H4428 dale: H6010 for H3588 he said, H559 I have no H369 son H1121 to H5668 keep my name in remembrance: H2142 H8034 and he called H7121 the pillar H4678 after H5921 his own name: H8034 and it is called H7121 unto H5704 this H2088 day, H3117 Absalom's H53 place.H3027

2Sa 18:19 Then said H559 Ahimaaz H290 the son H1121 of Zadok, H6659 Let me now H4994 run, H7323 and bear H1319 (H853) the king H4428 tidings, how that H3588 the LORD H3068 hath avenged H8199 him of his enemies.H341

2Sa 18:20 And Joab H3097 said H559 unto him, Thou H859 shalt not H3808 bear tidings H376 H1309 this H2088 day, H3117 but thou shalt bear tidings H1319 another H312 day: H3117 but this H2088 day H3117 thou shalt bear no tidings, H1319 H3808 because H3588 H5921 the king's H4428 son H1121 is dead.H4191

2Sa 18:21 Then said H559 Joab H3097 to Cushi, H3569 Go H1980 tell H5046 the king H4428 what H834 thou hast seen. H7200 And Cushi H3569 bowed himself H7812 unto Joab, H3097 and ran.H7323

2Sa 18:22 Then said H559 Ahimaaz H290 the son H1121 of Zadok H6659 yet H5750 again H3254 to H413 Joab, H3097 But howsoever, H1961 H4100 let me, I H589 pray H4994 thee, also H1571 run H7323 after H310 Cushi. H3569 And Joab H3097 said, H559 Wherefore H4100 H2088 wilt thou H859 run, H7323 my son, H1121 seeing that thou hast no H369 tidings H1309 ready?H4672

2Sa 18:23 But howsoever, H1961 H4100 said he, let me run. H7323 And he said H559 unto him, Run. H7323 Then Ahimaaz H290 ran H7323 by the way H1870 of the plain, H3603 and overran H5674 (H853) Cushi.H3569

2Sa 18:24 And David H1732 sat H3427 between H996 the two H8147 gates: H8179 and the watchman H6822 went up H1980 to H413 the roof H1406 over the gate H8179 unto H413 the wall, H2346 and lifted up H5375 (H853) his eyes, H5869 and looked, H7200 and behold H2009 a man H376 running H7323 alone.H905

2Sa 18:25 And the watchman H6822 cried, H7121 and told H5046 the king. H4428 And the king H4428 said, H559 If H518 he be alone, H905 there is tidings H1309 in his mouth. H6310 And he came H1980 apace, H1980 and drew near.H7131

2Sa 18:26 And the watchman H6822 saw H7200 another H312 man H376 running: H7323 and the watchman H6822 called H7121 unto H413 the porter, H7778 and said, H559 Behold H2009 another man H376 running H7323 alone. H905 And the king H4428 said, H559 He H2088 also H1571 bringeth tidings.H1319

2Sa 18:27 And the watchman H6822 said, H559 Me H589 thinketh H7200 (H853) the running H4794 of the foremost H7223 is like the running H4794 of Ahimaaz H290 the son H1121 of Zadok. H6659 And the king H4428 said, H559 He H2088 is a good H2896 man, H376 and cometh H935 with good H2896 tidings.H1309

2Sa 18:28 And Ahimaaz H290 called, H7121 and said H559 unto H413 the king, H4428 All is well. H7965 And he fell down H7821 to the earth H776 upon his face H639 before the king, H4428 and said, H559 Blessed H1288 be the LORD H3068 thy God, H430 which H834 hath delivered up H5462 (H853) the men H376 that H834 lifted up H5375 (H853) their hand H3027 against my lord H113 the king.H4428

2Sa 18:29 And the king H4428 said, H559 Is the young man H5288 Absalom H53 safe? H7965 And Ahimaaz H290 answered, H559 When Joab H3097 sent H7971 (H853) the king's H4428 servant, H5650 and me thy servant, H5650 I saw H7200 a great H1419 tumult, H1995 but I knew H3045 not H3808 what H4100 it was.

2Sa 18:30 And the king H4428 said H559 unto him, Turn aside, H5437 and stand H3320 here. H3541 And he turned aside, H5437 and stood still.H5975

2Sa 18:31 And, behold, H2009 Cushi H3569 came; H935 and Cushi H3569 said, H559 Tidings, H1319 my lord H113 the king: H4428 for H3588 the LORD H3068 hath avenged H8199 thee this day H3117 of H4480 H3027 all H3605 them that rose up H6965 against H5921 thee.

2Sa 18:32 And the king H4428 said H559 unto H413 Cushi, H3569 Is the young man H5288 Absalom H53 safe? H7965 And Cushi H3569 answered, H559 The enemies H341 of my lord H113 the king, H4428 and all H3605 that H834 rise H6965 against H5921 thee to do thee hurt, H7451 be H1961 as that young man H5288 is.

2Sa 18:33 And the king H4428 was much moved, H7264 and went up H5927 to H5921 the chamber H5944 over the gate, H8179 and wept: H1058 and as he went, H1980 thus H3541 he said, H559 O my son H1121 Absalom, H53 my son, H1121 my son H1121 Absalom! H53 would God H4310 H5414 I H589 had died H4191 for H8478 thee, O Absalom, H53 my son, H1121 my son!H1121

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