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Gén 15:1 After H310 these H428 things H1697 the word H1697 of the LORD H3068 came H1961 unto H413 Abram H87 in a vision, H4236 saying, H559 Fear H3372 not, H408 Abram: H87 I H595 am thy shield, H4043 and thy exceeding H3966 great H7235 reward.H7939

Gén 15:2 And Abram H87 said, H559 Lord H136 GOD, H3069 what H4100 wilt thou give H5414 me, seeing I H595 go H1980 childless, H6185 and the steward H1121 H4943 of my house H1004 is this H1931 Eliezer H461 of Damascus?H1834

Gén 15:3 And Abram H87 said, H559 Behold, H2005 to me thou hast given H5414 no H3808 seed: H2233 and, lo, H2009 one born H1121 in my house H1004 is mine heir.H3423

Gén 15:4 And, behold, H2009 the word H1697 of the LORD H3068 came unto H413 him, saying, H559 This H2088 shall not H3808 be thine heir; H3423 but H3588 H518 he that H834 shall come forth H3318 out of thine own bowels H4480 H4578 shall be thine heir.H3423

Gén 15:5 And he brought him forth H3318 (H853) abroad, H2351 and said, H559 Look H5027 now H4994 toward heaven, H8064 and tell H5608 the stars, H3556 if H518 thou be able H3201 to number H5608 them: and he said H559 unto him, So H3541 shall thy seed H2233 be.H1961

Gén 15:6 And he believed H539 in the LORD; H3068 and he counted H2803 it to him for righteousness.H6666

Gén 15:7 And he said H559 unto H413 him, I H589 am the LORD H3068 that H834 brought H3318 thee out of Ur H4480 H218 of the Chaldees, H3778 to give H5414 thee(H853) this H2063 land H776 to inherit H3423 it.

Gén 15:8 And he said, H559 Lord H136 GOD, H3069 whereby H4100 shall I know H3045 that H3588 I shall inherit H3423 it?

Gén 15:9 And he said H559 unto H413 him, Take H3947 me an heifer H5697 of three years old, H8027 and a she goat H5795 of three years old, H8027 and a ram H352 of three years old, H8027 and a turtledove, H8449 and a young pigeon.H1469

Gén 15:10 And he took H3947 unto him(H853) all H3605 these, H428 and divided H1334 them in the midst, H8432 and laid H5414 each H376 piece H1335 one against H7125 another: H7453 but the birds H6833 divided H1334 he not.H3808

Gén 15:11 And when the fowls H5861 came down H3381 upon H5921 the carcases, H6297 Abram H87 drove them away. H5380 (H853)

Gén 15:12 And when the sun H8121 was going down, H935 a deep sleep H8639 fell H5307 upon H5921 Abram; H87 and, lo, H2009 an horror H367 of great H1419 darkness H2825 fell H5307 upon H5921 him.

Gén 15:13 And he said H559 unto Abram, H87 Know of a surety H3045 H3045 that H3588 thy seed H2233 shall be H1961 a stranger H1616 in a land H776 that is not H3808 theirs, and shall serve H5647 them; and they shall afflict H6031 them four H702 hundred H3967 years;H8141

Gén 15:14 And also H1571 (H853) that nation, H1471 whom H834 they shall serve, H5647 will I H595 judge: H1777 and afterward H310 H3651 shall they come out H3318 with great H1419 substance.H7399

Gén 15:15 And thou H859 shalt go H935 to H413 thy fathers H1 in peace; H7965 thou shalt be buried H6912 in a good H2896 old age.H7872

Gén 15:16 But in the fourth H7243 generation H1755 they shall come hither again: H7725 H2008 for H3588 the iniquity H5771 of the Amorites H567 is not H3808 yet H5704 H2008 full.H8003

Gén 15:17 And it came to pass, H1961 that, when the sun H8121 went down, H935 and it was H1961 dark, H5939 behold H2009 a smoking H6227 furnace, H8574 and a burning H784 lamp H3940 that H834 passed H5674 between H996 those H428 pieces.H1506

Gén 15:18 In the same H1931 day H3117 the LORD H3068 made H3772 a covenant H1285 with H854 Abram, H87 saying, H559 Unto thy seed H2233 have I given H5414 this H2063 (H853) land, H776 from the river H4480 H5104 of Egypt H4714 unto H5704 the great H1419 river, H5104 the river H5104 Euphrates:H6578

Gén 15:19 (H853) The Kenites, H7017 and the Kenizzites, H7074 and the Kadmonites,H6935

Gén 15:20 And the Hittites, H2850 and the Perizzites, H6522 and the Rephaims,H7497

Gén 15:21 And the Amorites, H567 and the Canaanites, H3669 and the Girgashites, H1622 and the Jebusites.H2983

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