Génesis  Capitulo 21 - King James with Numbers Strong

Gén 21:1 And the LORD H3068 visited H6485 (H853) Sarah H8283 as H834 he had said, H559 and the LORD H3068 did H6213 unto Sarah H8283 as H834 he had spoken.H1696

Gén 21:2 For Sarah H8283 conceived, H2029 and bare H3205 Abraham H85 a son H1121 in his old age, H2208 at the set time H4150 of which H834 God H430 had spoken H1696 to him.

Gén 21:3 And Abraham H85 called H7121 (H853) the name H8034 of his son H1121 that was born H3205 unto him, whom H834 Sarah H8283 bare H3205 to him, Isaac.H3327

Gén 21:4 And Abraham H85 circumcised H4135 his son H1121 Isaac H3327 being eight H8083 days H3117 old, H1121 as H834 God H430 had commanded H6680 him.

Gén 21:5 And Abraham H85 was an hundred H3967 years H8141 old, H1121 when(H853) his son H1121 Isaac H3327 was born H3205 unto him.

Gén 21:6 And Sarah H8283 said, H559 God H430 hath made H6213 me to laugh, H6712 so that all H3605 that hear H8085 will laugh H6711 with me.

Gén 21:7 And she said, H559 Who H4310 would have said H4448 unto Abraham, H85 that Sarah H8283 should have given children suck? H3243 H1121 for H3588 I have born H3205 him a son H1121 in his old age.H2208

Gén 21:8 And the child H3206 grew, H1431 and was weaned: H1580 and Abraham H85 made H6213 a great H1419 feast H4960 the same day H3117 that(H853) Isaac H3327 was weaned.H1580

Gén 21:9 And Sarah H8283 saw H7200 (H853) the son H1121 of Hagar H1904 the Egyptian, H4713 which H834 she had born H3205 unto Abraham, H85 mocking.H6711

Gén 21:10 Wherefore she said H559 unto Abraham, H85 Cast out H1644 this H2063 bondwoman H519 and her son: H1121 for H3588 the son H1121 of this H2063 bondwoman H519 shall not H3808 be heir H3423 with H5973 my son, H1121 even with H5973 Isaac.H3327

Gén 21:11 And the thing H1697 was very grievous H7489 H3966 in Abraham's H85 sight H5869 because H5921 H182 of his son.H1121

Gén 21:12 And God H430 said H559 unto H413 Abraham, H85 Let it not H408 be grievous H7489 in thy sight H5869 because of H5921 the lad, H5288 and because of H5921 thy bondwoman; H519 in all H3605 that H834 Sarah H8283 hath said H559 unto H413 thee, hearken H8085 unto her voice; H6963 for H3588 in Isaac H3327 shall thy seed H2233 be called.H7121

Gén 21:13 And also H1571 (H853) of the son H1121 of the bondwoman H519 will I make H7760 a nation, H1471 because H3588 he H1931 is thy seed.H2233

Gén 21:14 And Abraham H85 rose up early H7925 in the morning, H1242 and took H3947 bread, H3899 and a bottle H2573 of water, H4325 and gave H5414 it unto H413 Hagar, H1904 putting H7760 it on H5921 her shoulder, H7926 and the child, H3206 and sent her away: H7971 and she departed, H1980 and wandered H8582 in the wilderness H4057 of Beersheba.H884

Gén 21:15 And the water H4325 was spent H3615 in H4480 the bottle, H2573 and she cast H7993 (H853) the child H3206 under H8478 one H259 of the shrubs.H7880

Gén 21:16 And she went, H1980 and sat her down H3427 over against H4480 H5048 him a good way off, H7368 as it were a bowshot: H2909 H7198 for H3588 she said, H559 Let me not H408 see H7200 the death H4194 of the child. H3206 And she sat H3427 over against H4480 H5048 him, and lift up H5375 (H853) her voice, H6963 and wept.H1058

Gén 21:17 And God H430 heard H8085 (H853) the voice H6963 of the lad; H5288 and the angel H4397 of God H430 called H7121 to H413 Hagar H1904 out of H4480 heaven, H8064 and said H559 unto her, What H4100 aileth thee, Hagar? H1904 fear H3372 not; H408 for H3588 God H430 hath heard H8085 H413 the voice H6963 of the lad H5288 where H834 H8033 he H1931 is.

Gén 21:18 Arise, H6965 lift up H5375 (H853) the lad, H5288 and hold H2388 him in H854 thine hand; H3027 for H3588 I will make H7760 him a great H1419 nation.H1471

Gén 21:19 And God H430 opened H6491 (H853) her eyes, H5869 and she saw H7200 a well H875 of water; H4325 and she went, H1980 and filled H4390 (H853) the bottle H2573 with water, H4325 and gave(H853) the lad H5288 drink.H8248

Gén 21:20 And God H430 was H1961 with H854 the lad; H5288 and he grew, H1431 and dwelt H3427 in the wilderness, H4057 and became H1961 an archer. H7235 H7199

Gén 21:21 And he dwelt H3427 in the wilderness H4057 of Paran: H6290 and his mother H517 took H3947 him a wife H802 out of the land H4480 H776 of Egypt.H4714

Gén 21:22 And it came to pass H1961 at that H1931 time, H6256 that Abimelech H40 and Phichol H6369 the chief captain H8269 of his host H6635 spake H559 unto H413 Abraham, H85 saying, H559 God H430 is with H5973 thee in all H3605 that H834 thou H859 doest:H6213

Gén 21:23 Now H6258 therefore swear H7650 unto me here H2008 by God H430 that thou wilt not deal falsely H8266 with me, nor with my son, H5209 nor with my son's son: H5220 but according to the kindness H2617 that H834 I have done H6213 unto H5973 thee, thou shalt do H6213 unto H5978 me, and to H5973 the land H776 wherein H834 thou hast sojourned.H1481

Gén 21:25 And Abraham H85 reproved H3198 (H853) Abimelech H40 because of H5921 H182 a well H875 of water, H4325 which H834 Abimelech's H40 servants H5650 had violently taken away.H1497

Gén 21:26 And Abimelech H40 said, H559 I wot H3045 not H3808 who H4310 hath done H6213 (H853) this H2088 thing: H1697 neither H3808 didst thou H859 tell H5046 me, neither H3808 yet H1571 heard H8085 I H595 of it, but H1115 to day.H3117

Gén 21:27 And Abraham H85 took H3947 sheep H6629 and oxen, H1241 and gave H5414 them unto Abimelech; H40 and both H8147 of them made H3772 a covenant.H1285

Gén 21:28 And Abraham H85 set H5324 (H853) seven H7651 ewe lambs H3535 of the flock H6629 by themselves.H905

Gén 21:29 And Abimelech H40 said H559 unto H413 Abraham, H85 What H4100 mean these H428 seven H7651 ewe lambs H3535 which H834 thou hast set H5324 by themselves?H905

Gén 21:30 And he said, H559 For H3588 these(H853) seven H7651 ewe lambs H3535 shalt thou take H3947 of my hand, H4480 H3027 that H5668 they may be H1961 a witness H5713 unto me, that H3588 I have digged H2658 (H853) this H2088 well.H875

Gén 21:31 Wherefore H5921 H3651 he called H7121 that H1931 place H4725 Beersheba; H884 because H3588 there H8033 they sware H7650 both H8147 of them.

Gén 21:32 Thus they made H3772 a covenant H1285 at Beersheba: H884 then Abimelech H40 rose up, H6965 and Phichol H6369 the chief captain H8269 of his host, H6635 and they returned H7725 into H413 the land H776 of the Philistines.H6430

Gén 21:33 And Abraham planted H5193 a grove H815 in Beersheba, H884 and called H7121 there H8033 on the name H8034 of the LORD, H3068 the everlasting H5769 God.H410

Gén 21:34 And Abraham H85 sojourned H1481 in the Philistines' H6430 land H776 many H7227 days.H3117

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