Jeremías  Capitulo 3 - King James with Numbers Strong

Jer 3:1 They say, H559 If H2005 a man H376 put away H7971 (H853) his wife, H802 and she go H1980 from H4480 H854 him, and become H1961 another H312 man's, H376 shall he return H7725 unto H413 her again? H5750 shall not H3808 that H1931 land H776 be greatly polluted? H2610 H2610 but thou H859 hast played the harlot H2181 with many H7227 lovers; H7453 yet return H7725 again to H413 me, saith H5002 the LORD.H3068

Jer 3:2 Lift up H5375 thine eyes H5869 unto H5921 the high places, H8205 and see H7200 where H375 thou hast not H3808 been lien H7901 with. In H5921 the ways H1870 hast thou sat H3427 for them, as the Arabian H6163 in the wilderness; H4057 and thou hast polluted H2610 the land H776 with thy whoredoms H2184 and with thy wickedness.H7451

Jer 3:3 Therefore the showers H7241 have been withholden, H4513 and there hath been H1961 no H3808 latter rain; H4456 and thou hadst a whore's H802 H2181 forehead, H4696 thou refusedst H3985 to be ashamed.H3637

Jer 3:4 Wilt thou not H3808 from this time H4480 H6258 cry H7121 unto me, My father, H1 thou H859 art the guide H441 of my youth?H5271

Jer 3:5 Will he reserve H5201 his anger for ever? H5769 will he keep H8104 it to the end? H5331 Behold, H2009 thou hast spoken H1696 and done H6213 evil things H7451 as thou couldest.H3201

Jer 3:6 The LORD H3068 said H559 also unto H413 me in the days H3117 of Josiah H2977 the king, H4428 Hast thou seen H7200 that which H834 backsliding H4878 Israel H3478 hath done? H6213 she H1931 is gone up H1980 upon H5921 every H3605 high H1364 mountain H2022 and under H8478 every H3605 green H7488 tree, H6086 and there H8033 hath played the harlot.H2181

Jer 3:7 And I said H559 after H310 she had done H6213 (H853) all H3605 these H428 things, Turn H7725 thou unto H413 me. But she returned H7725 not. H3808 And her treacherous H901 sister H269 Judah H3063 saw H7200 it.

Jer 3:8 And I saw, H7200 when H3588 for H5921 all H3605 the causes H182 whereby H834 backsliding H4878 Israel H3478 committed adultery H5003 I had put her away, H7971 and given H5414 H413 her(H853) a bill H5612 of divorce; H3748 yet her treacherous H898 sister H269 Judah H3063 feared H3372 not, H3808 but went H1980 and played the harlot H2181 also.H1571

Jer 3:9 And it came to pass H1961 through the lightness H4480 H6963 of her whoredom, H2184 that she defiled H2610 (H853) the land, H776 and committed adultery H5003 with H854 stones H68 and with H854 stocks.H6086

Jer 3:10 And yet H1571 for all H3605 this H2063 her treacherous H901 sister H269 Judah H3063 hath not H3808 turned H7725 unto H413 me with her whole H3605 heart, H3820 but H3588 H518 feignedly, H8267 saith H5002 the LORD.H3068

Jer 3:11 And the LORD H3068 said H559 unto H413 me, The backsliding H4878 Israel H3478 hath justified H6663 herself H5315 more than treacherous H4480 H898 Judah.H3063

Jer 3:12 Go H1980 and proclaim H7121 (H853) these H428 words H1697 toward the north, H6828 and say, H559 Return, H7725 thou backsliding H4878 Israel, H3478 saith H5002 the LORD; H3068 and I will not H3808 cause mine anger H6440 to fall H5307 upon you: for H3588 I H589 am merciful, H2623 saith H5002 the LORD, H3068 and I will not H3808 keep H5201 anger for ever.H5769

Jer 3:13 Only H389 acknowledge H3045 thine iniquity, H5771 that H3588 thou hast transgressed H6586 against the LORD H3068 thy God, H430 and hast scattered H6340 (H853) thy ways H1870 to the strangers H2114 under H8478 every H3605 green H7488 tree, H6086 and ye have not H3808 obeyed H8085 my voice, H6963 saith H5002 the LORD.H3068

Jer 3:14 Turn, H7725 O backsliding H7726 children, H1121 saith H5002 the LORD; H3068 for H3588 I H595 am married H1166 unto you: and I will take H3947 you one H259 of a city, H4480 H5892 and two H8147 of a family, H4480 H4940 and I will bring H935 you to Zion:H6726

Jer 3:15 And I will give H5414 you pastors H7462 according to mine heart, H3820 which shall feed H7462 you with knowledge H1844 and understanding.H7919

Jer 3:16 And it shall come to pass, H1961 when H3588 ye be multiplied H7235 and increased H6509 in the land, H776 in those H1992 days, H3117 saith H5002 the LORD, H3068 they shall say H559 no H3808 more, H5750 The ark H727 of the covenant H1285 of the LORD: H3068 neither H3808 shall it come H5927 to H5921 mind: H3820 neither H3808 shall they remember H2142 it; neither H3808 shall they visit H6485 it; neither H3808 shall that be done H6213 any more.H5750

Jer 3:17 At that H1931 time H6256 they shall call H7121 Jerusalem H3389 the throne H3678 of the LORD; H3068 and all H3605 the nations H1471 shall be gathered H6960 unto H413 it, to the name H8034 of the LORD, H3068 to Jerusalem: H3389 neither H3808 shall they walk H1980 any more H5750 after H310 the imagination H8307 of their evil H7451 heart.H3820

Jer 3:18 In those H1992 days H3117 the house H1004 of Judah H3063 shall walk H1980 with H5921 the house H1004 of Israel, H3478 and they shall come H935 together H3162 out of the land H4480 H776 of the north H6828 to H5921 the land H776 that H834 I have given for an inheritance H5157 unto(H853) your fathers.H1

Jer 3:19 But I H595 said, H559 How H349 shall I put H7896 thee among the children, H1121 and give H5414 thee a pleasant H2532 land, H776 a goodly H6643 heritage H5159 of the hosts H6635 of nations? H1471 and I said, H559 Thou shalt call H7121 me, My father; H1 and shalt not H3808 turn away H7725 from H4480 H310 me.

Jer 3:20 Surely H403 as a wife H802 treacherously departeth H898 from her husband, H4480 H1167 so H3651 have ye dealt treacherously H898 with me, O house H1004 of Israel, H3478 saith H5002 the LORD.H3068

Jer 3:21 A voice H6963 was heard H8085 upon H5921 the high places, H8205 weeping H1065 and supplications H8469 of the children H1121 of Israel: H3478 for H3588 they have perverted H5753 (H853) their way, H1870 and they have forgotten H7911 (H853) the LORD H3068 their God.H430

Jer 3:22 Return, H7725 ye backsliding H7726 children, H1121 and I will heal H7495 your backslidings. H4878 Behold, H2009 we come H857 unto thee; for H3588 thou H859 art the LORD H3068 our God.H430

Jer 3:23 Truly H403 in vain H8267 is salvation hoped for from the hills, H4480 H1389 and from the multitude H1995 of mountains: H2022 truly H403 in the LORD H3068 our God H430 is the salvation H8668 of Israel.H3478

Jer 3:24 For shame H1322 hath devoured H398 (H853) the labour H3018 of our fathers H1 from our youth; H4480 H5271 (H853) their flocks H6629 and their herds, H1241 (H853) their sons H1121 and their daughters.H1323

Jer 3:25 We lie down H7901 in our shame, H1322 and our confusion H3639 covereth H3680 us: for H3588 we have sinned H2398 against the LORD H3068 our God, H430 we H587 and our fathers, H1 from our youth H4480 H5271 even unto H5704 this H2088 day, H3117 and have not H3808 obeyed H8085 the voice H6963 of the LORD H3068 our God.H430

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