Job  Capitulo 20 - King James with Numbers Strong

Job 20:1 Then answered H6030 Zophar H6691 the Naamathite, H5284 and said,H559

Job 20:2 Therefore H3651 do my thoughts H5587 cause me to answer, H7725 and for H5668 this I make haste.H2363

Job 20:3 I have heard H8085 the check H4148 of my reproach, H3639 and the spirit H7307 of my understanding H4480 H998 causeth me to answer.H6030

Job 20:4 Knowest H3045 thou not this H2063 of H4480 old, H5703 since H4480 man H120 was placed H7760 upon H5921 earth,H776

Job 20:5 That H3588 the triumphing H7445 of the wicked H7563 is short, H4480 H7138 and the joy H8057 of the hypocrite H2611 but for H5704 a moment?H7281

Job 20:6 Though H518 his excellency H7863 mount up H5927 to the heavens, H8064 and his head H7218 reach H5060 unto the clouds;H5645

Job 20:7 Yet he shall perish H6 for ever H5331 like his own dung: H1561 they which have seen H7200 him shall say, H559 Where H335 is he?

Job 20:8 He shall fly away H5774 as a dream, H2472 and shall not H3808 be found: H4672 yea, he shall be chased away H5074 as a vision H2384 of the night.H3915

Job 20:9 The eye H5869 also which saw H7805 him shall see him no H3808 more; H3254 neither H3808 shall his place H4725 any more H5750 behold H7789 him.

Job 20:10 His children H1121 shall seek to please H7521 the poor, H1800 and his hands H3027 shall restore H7725 their goods.H202

Job 20:11 His bones H6106 are full H4390 of the sin of his youth, H5934 which shall lie down H7901 with H5973 him in H5921 the dust.H6083

Job 20:12 Though H518 wickedness H7451 be sweet H4985 in his mouth, H6310 though he hide H3582 it under H8478 his tongue;H3956

Job 20:13 Though he spare H2550 H5921 it, and forsake H5800 it not; H3808 but keep it still H4513 within H8432 his mouth:H2441

Job 20:14 Yet his meat H3899 in his bowels H4578 is turned, H2015 it is the gall H4846 of asps H6620 within H7130 him.

Job 20:15 He hath swallowed down H1104 riches, H2428 and he shall vomit them up again: H6958 God H410 shall cast them out H3423 of H4480 his belly.H990

Job 20:16 He shall suck H3243 the poison H7219 of asps: H6620 the viper's H660 tongue H3956 shall slay H2026 him.

Job 20:17 He shall not H408 see H7200 the rivers, H6390 the floods, H5104 the brooks H5158 of honey H1706 and butter.H2529

Job 20:18 That which he laboured for H3022 shall he restore, H7725 and shall not H3808 swallow it down: H1104 according to his substance H2428 shall the restitution H8545 be, and he shall not H3808 rejoice H5965 therein.

Job 20:19 Because H3588 he hath oppressed H7533 and hath forsaken H5800 the poor; H1800 because he hath violently taken away H1497 an house H1004 which he builded H1129 not;H3808

Job 20:20 Surely H3588 he shall not H3808 feel H3045 quietness H7961 in his belly, H990 he shall not H3808 save H4422 of that which he desired.H2530

Job 20:21 There shall none H369 of his meat H400 be left; H8300 therefore H3651 H5921 shall no H3808 man look H2342 for his goods.H2898

Job 20:22 In the fulness H4390 of his sufficiency H5607 he shall be in straits: H3334 every H3605 hand H3027 of the wicked H6001 shall come H935 upon him.

Job 20:23 When he H1961 is about to fill H4390 his belly, H990 God shall cast H7971 the fury H2740 of his wrath H639 upon him, and shall rain H4305 it upon H5921 him while he is eating.H3894

Job 20:24 He shall flee H1272 from the iron H1270 weapon, H4480 H5402 and the bow H7198 of steel H5154 shall strike him through.H2498

Job 20:25 It is drawn, H8025 and cometh out H3318 of the body; H4480 H1465 yea, the glittering sword H1300 cometh H1980 out of his gall: H4480 H4846 terrors H367 are upon H5921 him.

Job 20:26 All H3605 darkness H2822 shall be hid H2934 in his secret places: H6845 a fire H784 not H3808 blown H5301 shall consume H398 him; it shall go ill H7489 with him that is left H8300 in his tabernacle.H168

Job 20:27 The heaven H8064 shall reveal H1540 his iniquity; H5771 and the earth H776 shall rise up H6965 against him.

Job 20:28 The increase H2981 of his house H1004 shall depart, H1540 and his goods shall flow away H5064 in the day H3117 of his wrath.H639

Job 20:29 This H2088 is the portion H2506 of a wicked H7563 man H120 from God, H4480 H430 and the heritage H5159 appointed H561 unto him by God. H4480 H410

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