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Jos 2:1 And Joshua H3091 the son H1121 of Nun H5126 sent H7971 out of H4480 Shittim H7851 two H8147 men H376 to spy H7270 secretly, H2791 saying, H559 Go H1980 view H7200 (H853) the land, H776 even Jericho. H3405 And they went, H1980 and came into H935 an harlot's H802 H2181 house, H1004 named H8034 Rahab, H7343 and lodged H7901 there.H8033

Jos 2:2 And it was told H559 the king H4428 of Jericho, H3405 saying, H559 Behold, H2009 there came H935 men H376 in hither H2008 to night H3915 of the children H4480 H1121 of Israel H3478 to search out H2658 (H853) the country.H776

Jos 2:3 And the king H4428 of Jericho H3405 sent H7971 unto H413 Rahab, H7343 saying, H559 Bring forth H3318 the men H376 that are come H935 to H413 thee, which H834 are entered H935 into thine house: H1004 for H3588 they be come H935 to search out H2658 (H853) all H3605 the country.H776

Jos 2:4 And the woman H802 took H3947 (H853) the two H8147 men, H376 and hid H6845 them, and said H559 thus, H3651 There came H935 men H376 unto H413 me, but I wist H3045 not H3808 whence H4480 H370 they H1992 were:

Jos 2:5 And it came to pass H1961 about the time of shutting H5462 of the gate, H8179 when it was dark, H2822 that the men H376 went out: H3318 whither H575 the men H376 went H1980 I wot H3045 not: H3808 pursue H7291 after H310 them quickly; H4118 for H3588 ye shall overtake H5381 them.

Jos 2:6 But she H1931 had brought them up H5927 to the roof H1406 of the house, and hid H2934 them with the stalks H6086 of flax, H6593 which she had laid in order H6186 upon H5921 the roof.H1406

Jos 2:7 And the men H376 pursued H7291 after H310 them the way H1870 to Jordan H3383 unto H5921 the fords: H4569 and as soon as H310 H834 they which pursued H7291 after H310 them were gone out, H3318 they shut H5462 the gate.H8179

Jos 2:8 And before H2962 they H1992 were laid down, H7901 she H1931 came up H5927 unto H5921 them upon H5921 the roof;H1406

Jos 2:9 And she said H559 unto H413 the men, H376 I know H3045 that H3588 the LORD H3068 hath given H5414 you(H853) the land, H776 and that H3588 your terror H367 is fallen H5307 upon H5921 us, and that H3588 all H3605 the inhabitants H3427 of the land H776 faint H4127 because of H4480 H6440 you.

Jos 2:10 For H3588 we have heard H8085 (H853) how H834 the LORD H3068 dried up H3001 (H853) the water H4325 of the Red H5488 sea H3220 for H4480 H6440 you, when ye came out H3318 of Egypt; H4480 H4714 and what H834 ye did H6213 unto the two H8147 kings H4428 of the Amorites, H567 that H834 were on the other side H5676 Jordan, H3383 Sihon H5511 and Og, H5747 whom H834 ye utterly destroyed. H2763 (H853)

Jos 2:11 And as soon as we had heard H8085 these things, our hearts H3824 did melt, H4549 neither H3808 did there remain H6965 any more H5750 courage H7307 in any man, H376 because of H4480 H6440 you: for H3588 the LORD H3068 your God, H430 he H1931 is God H430 in heaven H8064 above, H4480 H4605 and in H5921 earth H776 beneath. H4480 H8478

Jos 2:12 Now H6258 therefore, I pray H4994 you, swear H7650 unto me by the LORD, H3068 since H3588 I have shewed you kindness, H6213 H5973 H2617 that ye H859 will also H1571 shew H6213 kindness H2617 unto H5973 my father's H1 house, H1004 and give H5414 me a true H571 token:H226

Jos 2:13 And that ye will save alive H2421 (H853) my father, H1 and my mother, H517 and my brethren, H251 and my sisters, H269 and all H3605 that H834 they have, and deliver H5337 (H853) our lives H5315 from death. H4480 H4194

Jos 2:14 And the men H376 answered H559 her, Our life H5315 for H8478 yours, if H518 ye utter H5046 not H3808 (H853) this H2088 our business. H1697 And it shall be, H1961 when the LORD H3068 hath given H5414 us(H853) the land, H776 that we will deal H6213 kindly H2617 and truly H571 with H5973 thee.

Jos 2:15 Then she let them down H3381 by a cord H2256 through H1157 the window: H2474 for H3588 her house H1004 was upon the town H2346 wall, H7023 and she H1931 dwelt H3427 upon the wall.H2346

Jos 2:16 And she said H559 unto them, Get H1980 you to the mountain, H2022 lest H6435 the pursuers H7291 meet H6293 you; and hide yourselves H2247 there H8033 three H7969 days, H3117 until H5704 the pursuers H7291 be returned: H7725 and afterward H310 may ye go H1980 your way.H1870

Jos 2:17 And the men H376 said H559 unto H413 her, We H587 will be blameless H5355 of this thine oath H4480 H7621 H2088 which H834 thou hast made us swear.H7650

Jos 2:18 Behold, H2009 when we H587 come H935 into the land, H776 thou shalt bind H7194 (H853) this H2088 line H8615 of scarlet H8144 thread H2339 in the window H2474 which H834 thou didst let us down H3381 by: and thou shalt bring H622 thy father, H1 and thy mother, H517 and thy brethren, H251 and all H3605 thy father's H1 household, H1004 home H1004 unto H413 thee.

Jos 2:19 And it shall be, H1961 that whosoever H3605 H834 shall go out H3318 of the doors H4480 H1817 of thy house H1004 into the street, H2351 his blood H1818 shall be upon his head, H7218 and we H587 will be guiltless: H5355 and whosoever H3605 H834 shall be H1961 with H854 thee in the house, H1004 his blood H1818 shall be on our head, H7218 if H518 any hand H3027 be H1961 upon him.

Jos 2:20 And if H518 thou utter H5046 (H853) this H2088 our business, H1697 then we will be H1961 quit H5355 of thine oath H4480 H7621 which H834 thou hast made us to swear.H7650

Jos 2:21 And she said, H559 According unto your words, H1697 so H3651 be it. H1931 And she sent them away, H7971 and they departed: H1980 and she bound H7194 (H853) the scarlet H8144 line H8615 in the window.H2474

Jos 2:22 And they went, H1980 and came H935 unto the mountain, H2022 and abode H3427 there H8033 three H7969 days, H3117 until H5704 the pursuers H7291 were returned: H7725 and the pursuers H7291 sought H1245 them throughout all H3605 the way, H1870 but found H4672 them not.H3808

Jos 2:23 So the two H8147 men H376 returned, H7725 and descended H3381 from the mountain, H4480 H2022 and passed over, H5674 and came H935 to H413 Joshua H3091 the son H1121 of Nun, H5126 and told H5608 him(H853) all H3605 things that befell H4672 them:

Jos 2:24 And they said H559 unto H413 Joshua, H3091 Truly H3588 the LORD H3068 hath delivered H5414 into our hands H3027 (H853) all H3605 the land; H776 for even H1571 all H3605 the inhabitants H3427 of the country H776 do faint H4127 because of H4480 H6440 us.

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