1 Samuel  Capitulo 10 - King James with Numbers Strong

1Sa 10:1 Then Samuel H8050 took H3947 (H853) a vial H6378 of oil, H8081 and poured H3332 it upon H5921 his head, H7218 and kissed H5401 him, and said, H559 Is it not H3808 because H3588 the LORD H3068 hath anointed H4886 thee to be captain H5057 over H5921 his inheritance?H5159

1Sa 10:2 When thou art departed H1980 from H4480 H5973 me to day, H3117 then thou shalt find H4672 two H8147 men H376 by H5973 Rachel's H7354 sepulchre H6900 in the border H1366 of Benjamin H1144 at Zelzah; H6766 and they will say H559 unto H413 thee, The asses H860 which H834 thou wentest H1980 to seek H1245 are found: H4672 and, lo, H2009 thy father H1 hath left H5203 (H853) the care H1697 of the asses, H860 and sorroweth H1672 for you, saying, H559 What H4100 shall I do H6213 for my son?H1121

1Sa 10:3 Then shalt thou go on H2498 forward H1973 from thence, H4480 H8033 and thou shalt come H935 to H5704 the plain H436 of Tabor, H8396 and there H8033 shall meet H4672 thee three H7969 men H376 going up H5927 to H413 God H430 to Bethel, H1008 one H259 carrying H5375 three H7969 kids, H1423 and another H259 carrying H5375 three H7969 loaves H3603 of bread, H3899 and another H259 carrying H5375 a bottle H5035 of wine:H3196

1Sa 10:4 And they will salute H7592 H7965 thee, and give H5414 thee two H8147 loaves of bread; H3899 which thou shalt receive H3947 of their hands. H4480 H3027

1Sa 10:5 After that H310 H3651 thou shalt come H935 to the hill H1389 of God, H430 where H834 H8033 is the garrison H5333 of the Philistines: H6430 and it shall come to pass, H1961 when thou art come H935 thither H8033 to the city, H5892 that thou shalt meet H6293 a company H2256 of prophets H5030 coming down H3381 from the high place H4480 H1116 with a psaltery, H5035 and a tabret, H8596 and a pipe, H2485 and a harp, H3658 before H6440 them; and they H1992 shall prophesy:H5012

1Sa 10:6 And the Spirit H7307 of the LORD H3068 will come H6743 upon H5921 thee, and thou shalt prophesy H5012 with them, H5973 and shalt be turned H2015 into another H312 man.H376

1Sa 10:7 And let it be, H1961 when H3588 these H428 signs H226 are come H935 unto thee, that thou do H6213 as occasion serve H834 H4672 H3027 thee; for H3588 God H430 is with H5973 thee.

1Sa 10:8 And thou shalt go down H3381 before H6440 me to Gilgal; H1537 and, behold, H2009 I H595 will come down H3381 unto H413 thee, to offer H5927 burnt offerings, H5930 and to sacrifice H2076 sacrifices H2077 of peace offerings: H8002 seven H7651 days H3117 shalt thou tarry, H3176 till H5704 I come H935 to H413 thee, and shew H3045 thee(H853) what H834 thou shalt do.H6213

1Sa 10:9 And it was H1961 so, that when he had turned H6437 his back H7926 to go H1980 from H4480 H5973 Samuel, H8050 God H430 gave H2015 him another H312 heart: H3820 and all H3605 those H428 signs H226 came to pass H935 that H1931 day.H3117

1Sa 10:10 And when they came H935 thither H8033 to the hill, H1389 behold, H2009 a company H2256 of prophets H5030 met H7125 him; and the Spirit H7307 of God H430 came H6743 upon H5921 him, and he prophesied H5012 among H8432 them.

1Sa 10:11 And it came to pass, H1961 when all H3605 that knew H3045 him beforetime H4480 H865 H8032 saw H7200 that, behold, H2009 he prophesied H5012 among H5973 the prophets, H5030 then the people H5971 said H559 one H376 to H413 another, H7453 What H4100 is this H2088 that is come H1961 unto the son H1121 of Kish? H7027 Is Saul H7586 also H1571 among the prophets?H5030

1Sa 10:12 And one H376 of the same place H4480 H8033 answered H6030 and said, H559 But who H4310 is their father? H1 Therefore H5921 H3651 it became H1961 a proverb, H4912 Is Saul H7586 also H1571 among the prophets?H5030

1Sa 10:13 And when he had made an end H3615 of prophesying, H4480 H5012 he came H935 to the high place.H1116

1Sa 10:14 And Saul's H7586 uncle H1730 said H559 unto H413 him and to H413 his servant, H5288 Whither H575 went H1980 ye? And he said, H559 To seek H1245 (H853) the asses: H860 and when we saw H7200 that H3588 they were no where, H369 we came H935 to H413 Samuel.H8050

1Sa 10:15 And Saul's H7586 uncle H1730 said, H559 Tell H5046 me, I pray thee, H4994 what H4100 Samuel H8050 said H559 unto you.

1Sa 10:16 And Saul H7586 said H559 unto H413 his uncle, H1730 He told us plainly H5046 H5046 that H3588 the asses H860 were found. H4672 But of the matter H1697 of the kingdom, H4410 whereof H834 Samuel H8050 spake, H559 he told H5046 him not.H3808

1Sa 10:17 And Samuel H8050 called the people together H6817 (H853) H5971 unto H413 the LORD H3068 to Mizpeh;H4709

1Sa 10:18 And said H559 unto H413 the children H1121 of Israel, H3478 Thus H3541 saith H559 the LORD H3068 God H430 of Israel, H3478 I H595 brought up H5927 (H853) Israel H3478 out of Egypt, H4480 H4714 and delivered H5337 you out of the hand H4480 H3027 of the Egyptians, H4714 and out of the hand H4480 H3027 of all H3605 kingdoms, H4467 and of them that oppressed H3905 you:

1Sa 10:19 And ye H859 have this day H3117 rejected H3988 (H853) your God, H430 who H834 himself H1931 saved H3467 you out of all H4480 H3605 your adversities H7451 and your tribulations; H6869 and ye have said H559 unto him, Nay, but H3588 set H7760 a king H4428 over H5921 us. Now H6258 therefore present yourselves H3320 before H6440 the LORD H3068 by your tribes, H7626 and by your thousands.H505

1Sa 10:20 And when Samuel H8050 had caused(H853) all H3605 the tribes H7626 of Israel H3478 to come near, H7126 the tribe H7626 of Benjamin H1144 was taken.H3920

1Sa 10:21 When he had caused(H853) the tribe H7626 of Benjamin H1144 to come near H7126 by their families, H4940 the family H4940 of Matri H4309 was taken, H3920 and Saul H7586 the son H1121 of Kish H7027 was taken: H3920 and when they sought H1245 him, he could not H3808 be found.H4672

1Sa 10:22 Therefore they enquired H7592 of the LORD H3068 further, H5750 if the man H376 should yet H5750 come H935 thither. H1988 And the LORD H3068 answered, H559 Behold, H2009 he H1931 hath hid himself H2244 among H413 the stuff.H3627

1Sa 10:23 And they ran H7323 and fetched H3947 him thence: H4480 H8033 and when he stood H3320 among H8432 the people, H5971 he was higher H1361 than any H4480 H3605 of the people H5971 from his shoulders H4480 H7926 and upward.H4605

1Sa 10:24 And Samuel H8050 said H559 to H413 all H3605 the people, H5971 See H7200 ye him whom H834 the LORD H3068 hath chosen, H977 that H3588 there is none H369 like him H3644 among all H3605 the people? H5971 And all H3605 the people H5971 shouted, H7321 and said, H559 God save H2421 the king.H4428

1Sa 10:25 Then Samuel H8050 told H1696 H413 the people H5971 (H853) the manner H4941 of the kingdom, H4410 and wrote H3789 it in a book, H5612 and laid it up H5117 before H6440 the LORD. H3068 And Samuel H8050 sent H7971 (H853) all H3605 the people H5971 away, every man H376 to his house.H1004

1Sa 10:26 And Saul H7586 also H1571 went H1980 home H1004 to Gibeah; H1390 and there went H1980 with H5973 him a band of men, H2428 whose H834 hearts H3820 God H430 had touched.H5060

1Sa 10:27 But the children H1121 of Belial H1100 said, H559 How H4100 shall this H2088 man save H3467 us? And they despised H959 him, and brought H935 him no H3808 presents. H4503 But he held his peace.H2790

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