Job  Capitulo 19 - King James with Numbers Strong

Job 19:1 Then Job H347 answered H6030 and said,H559

Job 19:2 How long H5704 H575 will ye vex H3013 my soul, H5315 and break me in pieces H1792 with words?H4405

Job 19:3 These H2088 ten H6235 times H6471 have ye reproached H3637 me: ye are not H3808 ashamed H954 that ye make yourselves strange H1970 to me.

Job 19:4 And H637 be it indeed H551 that I have erred, H7686 mine error H4879 remaineth H3885 with H854 myself.

Job 19:5 If H518 indeed H551 ye will magnify H1431 yourselves against H5921 me, and plead H3198 against H5921 me my reproach:H2781

Job 19:6 Know H3045 now H645 that H3588 God H433 hath overthrown H5791 me, and hath compassed H5362 H5921 me with his net.H4685

Job 19:7 Behold, H2005 I cry out H6817 of wrong, H2555 but I am not H3808 heard: H6030 I cry aloud, H7768 but there is no H369 judgment.H4941

Job 19:8 He hath fenced up H1443 my way H734 that I cannot H3808 pass, H5674 and he hath set H7760 darkness H2822 in H5921 my paths.H5410

Job 19:10 He hath destroyed H5422 me on every side, H5439 and I am gone: H1980 and mine hope H8615 hath he removed H5265 like a tree.H6086

Job 19:11 He hath also kindled H2734 his wrath H639 against H5921 me, and he counteth H2803 me unto him as one of his enemies.H6862

Job 19:12 His troops H1416 come H935 together, H3162 and raise up H5549 their way H1870 against H5921 me, and encamp H2583 round about H5439 my tabernacle.H168

Job 19:14 My kinsfolk H7138 have failed, H2308 and my familiar friends H3045 have forgotten H7911 me.

Job 19:15 They that dwell H1481 in mine house, H1004 and my maids, H519 count H2803 me for a stranger: H2114 I am H1961 an alien H5237 in their sight.H5869

Job 19:16 I called H7121 my servant, H5650 and he gave me no H3808 answer; H6030 I intreated H2603 him with H1119 my mouth.H6310

Job 19:17 My breath H7307 is strange H2114 to my wife, H802 though I intreated H2603 for the children's H1121 sake of mine own body.H990

Job 19:18 Yea, H1571 young children H5759 despised H3988 me; I arose, H6965 and they spake H1696 against me.

Job 19:19 All H3605 my inward H5475 friends H4962 abhorred H8581 me: and they whom H2088 I loved H157 are turned H2015 against me.

Job 19:20 My bone H6106 cleaveth H1692 to my skin H5785 and to my flesh, H1320 and I am escaped H4422 with the skin H5785 of my teeth.H8127

Job 19:21 Have pity upon H2603 me, have pity upon H2603 me, O ye H859 my friends; H7453 for H3588 the hand H3027 of God H433 hath touched H5060 me.

Job 19:22 Why H4100 do ye persecute H7291 me as H3644 God, H410 and are not H3808 satisfied H7646 with my flesh? H4480 H1320

Job 19:23 Oh that H4310 my words H4405 were H5414 now H645 written! H3789 oh that H4310 they were H5414 printed H2710 in a book!H5612

Job 19:24 That they were graven H2672 with an iron H1270 pen H5842 and lead H5777 in the rock H6697 for ever!H5703

Job 19:25 For I H589 know H3045 that my redeemer H1350 liveth, H2416 and that he shall stand H6965 at the latter H314 day upon H5921 the earth:H6083

Job 19:26 And though after H310 my skin H5785 worms destroy H5362 this H2063 body, yet in my flesh H4480 H1320 shall I see H2372 God:H433

Job 19:27 Whom H834 I H589 shall see H2372 for myself, and mine eyes H5869 shall behold, H7200 and not H3808 another; H2114 though my reins H3629 be consumed H3615 within H2436 me.

Job 19:28 But H3588 ye should say, H559 Why H4100 persecute H7291 we him, seeing the root H8328 of the matter H1697 is found H4672 in me?

Job 19:29 Be ye afraid H1481 of H4480 H6440 the sword: H2719 for H3588 wrath H2534 bringeth the punishments H5771 of the sword, H2719 that H4616 ye may know H3045 there is a judgment. H7945 H1779

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