Job  Capitulo 31 - King James with Numbers Strong

Job 31:1 I made H3772 a covenant H1285 with mine eyes; H5869 why H4100 then should I think H995 upon H5921 a maid?H1330

Job 31:2 For what H4100 portion H2506 of God H433 is there from above? H4480 H4605 and what inheritance H5159 of the Almighty H7706 from on high? H4480 H4791

Job 31:3 Is not H3808 destruction H343 to the wicked? H5767 and a strange H5235 punishment to the workers H6466 of iniquity?H205

Job 31:4 Doth not H3808 he H1931 see H7200 my ways, H1870 and count H5608 all H3605 my steps?H6806

Job 31:5 If H518 I have walked H1980 with H5973 vanity, H7723 or if my foot H7272 hath hasted H2363 to H5921 deceit;H4820

Job 31:6 Let me be weighed H8254 in an even H6664 balance, H3976 that God H433 may know H3045 mine integrity.H8538

Job 31:7 If H518 my step H838 hath turned H5186 out of H4480 the way, H1870 and mine heart H3820 walked H1980 after H310 mine eyes, H5869 and if any blot H3971 hath cleaved H1692 to mine hands;H3709

Job 31:8 Then let me sow, H2232 and let another H312 eat; H398 yea, let my offspring H6631 be rooted out.H8327

Job 31:9 If H518 mine heart H3820 have been deceived H6601 by H5921 a woman, H802 or if I have laid wait H693 at H5921 my neighbour's H7453 door;H6607

Job 31:10 Then let my wife H802 grind H2912 unto another, H312 and let others H312 bow down H3766 upon H5921 her.

Job 31:11 For H3588 this H1931 is an heinous crime; H2154 yea, it H1931 is an iniquity H5771 to be punished by the judges.H6414

Job 31:12 For H3588 it H1931 is a fire H784 that consumeth H398 to H5704 destruction, H11 and would root out H8327 all H3605 mine increase.H8393

Job 31:13 If H518 I did despise H3988 the cause H4941 of my manservant H5650 or of my maidservant, H519 when they contended H7378 with H5978 me;

Job 31:14 What H4100 then shall I do H6213 when H3588 God H410 riseth up? H6965 and when H3588 he visiteth, H6485 what H4100 shall I answer H7725 him?

Job 31:15 Did not H3808 he that made H6213 me in the womb H990 make H6213 him? and did not one H259 fashion H3559 us in the womb?H7358

Job 31:16 If H518 I have withheld H4513 the poor H1800 from their desire, H4480 H2656 or have caused the eyes H5869 of the widow H490 to fail;H3615

Job 31:17 Or have eaten H398 my morsel H6595 myself alone, H905 and the fatherless H3490 hath not H3808 eaten H398 thereof;H4480

Job 31:18 (For H3588 from my youth H4480 H5271 he was brought up H1431 with me, as with a father, H1 and I have guided H5148 her from my mother's H517 womb;) H4480 H990

Job 31:19 If H518 I have seen H7200 any perish H6 for want H4480 H1097 of clothing, H3830 or any poor H34 without H369 covering;H3682

Job 31:20 If H518 his loins H2504 have not H3808 blessed H1288 me, and if he were not warmed H2552 with the fleece H4480 H1488 of my sheep;H3532

Job 31:21 If H518 I have lifted up H5130 my hand H3027 against H5921 the fatherless, H3490 when H3588 I saw H7200 my help H5833 in the gate:H8179

Job 31:22 Then let mine arm H3802 fall H5307 from my shoulder blade, H4480 H7929 and mine arm H248 be broken H7665 from the bone. H4480 H7070

Job 31:23 For H3588 destruction H343 from God H410 was a terror H6343 to H413 me, and by reason of his highness H4480 H7613 I could H3201 not H3808 endure.

Job 31:24 If H518 I have made H7760 gold H2091 my hope, H3689 or have said H559 to the fine gold, H3800 Thou art my confidence;H4009

Job 31:25 If H518 I rejoiced H8055 because H3588 my wealth H2428 was great, H7227 and because H3588 mine hand H3027 had gotten H4672 much;H3524

Job 31:26 If H518 I beheld H7200 the sun H216 when H3588 it shined, H1984 or the moon H3394 walking H1980 in brightness;H3368

Job 31:27 And my heart H3820 hath been secretly H5643 enticed, H6601 or my mouth H6310 hath kissed H5401 my hand:H3027

Job 31:28 This H1931 also H1571 were an iniquity H5771 to be punished by the judge: H6416 for H3588 I should have denied H3584 the God H410 that is above. H4480 H4605

Job 31:29 If H518 I rejoiced H8055 at the destruction H6365 of him that hated H8130 me, or lifted up myself H5782 when H3588 evil H7451 found H4672 him:

Job 31:30 Neither H3808 have I suffered H5414 my mouth H2441 to sin H2398 by wishing H7592 a curse H423 to his soul.H5315

Job 31:31 If H518 the men H4962 of my tabernacle H168 said H559 not, H3808 Oh that H4310 we had H5414 of his flesh! H4480 H1320 we cannot H3808 be satisfied.H7646

Job 31:32 The stranger H1616 did not H3808 lodge H3885 in the street: H2351 but I opened H6605 my doors H1817 to the traveller.H734

Job 31:33 If H518 I covered H3680 my transgressions H6588 as Adam, H121 by hiding H2934 mine iniquity H5771 in my bosom:H2243

Job 31:34 Did I fear H6206 a great H7227 multitude, H1995 or did the contempt H937 of families H4940 terrify H2865 me, that I kept silence, H1826 and went not out H3318 H3808 of the door?H6607

Job 31:35 Oh that H4310 one would H5414 hear H8085 me! behold, H2005 my desire H8420 is, that the Almighty H7706 would answer H6030 me, and that mine adversary H376 H7379 had written H3789 a book.H5612

Job 31:36 Surely H518 I would take H5375 it upon H5921 my shoulder, H7926 and bind H6029 it as a crown H5850 to me.

Job 31:37 I would declare H5046 unto him the number H4557 of my steps; H6806 as H3644 a prince H5057 would I go near unto H7126 him.

Job 31:38 If H518 my land H127 cry H2199 against H5921 me, or that the furrows H8525 likewise H3162 thereof complain;H1058

Job 31:39 If H518 I have eaten H398 the fruits H3581 thereof without H1097 money, H3701 or have caused the owners H1167 thereof to lose H5301 their life:H5315

Job 31:40 Let thistles H2336 grow H3318 instead H8478 of wheat, H2406 and cockle H890 instead H8478 of barley. H8184 The words H1697 of Job H347 are ended.H8552

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