Salmos  Capitulo 69 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 69:1 To the chief Musician H5329 upon H5921 Shoshannim, H7799 A Psalm of David. H1732 Save H3467 me, O God; H430 for H3588 the waters H4325 are come in H935 unto H5704 my soul.H5315

Sal 69:2 I sink H2883 in deep H4688 mire, H3121 where there is no H369 standing: H4613 I am come H935 into deep H4615 waters, H4325 where the floods H7641 overflow H7857 me.

Sal 69:3 I am weary H3021 of my crying: H7121 my throat H1627 is dried: H2787 mine eyes H5869 fail H3615 while I wait H3176 for my God.H430

Sal 69:4 They that hate H8130 me without a cause H2600 are more H7231 than the hairs H4480 H8185 of mine head: H7218 they that would destroy H6789 me, being mine enemies H341 wrongfully, H8267 are mighty: H6105 then H227 I restored H7725 that which H834 I took not away. H3808 H1497

Sal 69:5 O God, H430 thou H859 knowest H3045 my foolishness; H200 and my sins H819 are not H3808 hid H3582 from H4480 thee.

Sal 69:6 Let not H408 them that wait on H6960 thee, O Lord H136 GOD H3069 of hosts, H6635 be ashamed H954 for my sake: let not H408 those that seek H1245 thee be confounded H3637 for my sake, O God H430 of Israel.H3478

Sal 69:7 Because H3588 for thy sake H5921 I have borne H5375 reproach; H2781 shame H3639 hath covered H3680 my face.H6440

Sal 69:8 I am become H1961 a stranger H2114 unto my brethren, H251 and an alien H5237 unto my mother's H517 children.H1121

Sal 69:9 For H3588 the zeal H7068 of thine house H1004 hath eaten me up; H398 and the reproaches H2781 of them that reproached H2778 thee are fallen H5307 upon H5921 me.

Sal 69:10 When I wept, H1058 and chastened my soul H5315 with fasting, H6685 that was H1961 to my reproach.H2781

Sal 69:11 I made H5414 sackcloth H8242 also my garment; H3830 and I became H1961 a proverb H4912 to them.

Sal 69:12 They that sit H3427 in the gate H8179 speak H7878 against me; and I was the song H5058 of the drunkards. H8354 H7941

Sal 69:13 But as for me, H589 my prayer H8605 is unto thee, O LORD, H3068 in an acceptable H7522 time: H6256 O God, H430 in the multitude H7230 of thy mercy H2617 hear H6030 me, in the truth H571 of thy salvation.H3468

Sal 69:14 Deliver H5337 me out of the mire, H4480 H2916 and let me not H408 sink: H2883 let me be delivered H5337 from them that hate H4480 H8130 me, and out of the deep H4480 H4615 waters.H4325

Sal 69:15 Let not H408 the waterflood H7641 H4325 overflow H7857 me, neither H408 let the deep H4688 swallow me up, H1104 and let not H408 the pit H875 shut H332 her mouth H6310 upon H5921 me.

Sal 69:16 Hear H6030 me, O LORD; H3068 for H3588 thy lovingkindness H2617 is good: H2896 turn H6437 unto H413 me according to the multitude H7230 of thy tender mercies.H7356

Sal 69:17 And hide H5641 not H408 thy face H6440 from thy servant; H4480 H5650 for H3588 I am in trouble: H6862 hear H6030 me speedily.H4116

Sal 69:18 Draw nigh H7126 unto H413 my soul, H5315 and redeem H1350 it: deliver H6299 me because of H4616 mine enemies.H341

Sal 69:19 Thou H859 hast known H3045 my reproach, H2781 and my shame, H1322 and my dishonour: H3639 mine adversaries H6887 are all H3605 before H5048 thee.

Sal 69:20 Reproach H2781 hath broken H7665 my heart; H3820 and I am full of heaviness: H5136 and I looked H6960 for some to take pity, H5110 but there was none; H369 and for comforters, H5162 but I found H4672 none.H3808

Sal 69:21 They gave H5414 me also gall H7219 for my meat; H1267 and in my thirst H6772 they gave me vinegar H2558 to drink.H8248

Sal 69:22 Let their table H7979 become H1961 a snare H6341 before H6440 them: and that which should have been for their welfare, H7965 let it become a trap.H4170

Sal 69:23 Let their eyes H5869 be darkened, H2821 that they see not; H4480 H7200 and make their loins H4975 continually H8548 to shake.H4571

Sal 69:24 Pour out H8210 thine indignation H2195 upon H5921 them, and let thy wrathful H2740 anger H639 take hold H5381 of them.

Sal 69:25 Let their habitation H2918 be H1961 desolate; H8074 and let H1961 none H408 dwell H3427 in their tents.H168

Sal 69:26 For H3588 they persecute H7291 him whom H834 thou H859 hast smitten; H5221 and they talk H5608 to H413 the grief H4341 of those whom thou hast wounded.H2491

Sal 69:27 Add H5414 iniquity H5771 unto H5921 their iniquity: H5771 and let them not H408 come H935 into thy righteousness.H6666

Sal 69:28 Let them be blotted H4229 out of the book H4480 H5612 of the living, H2416 and not H408 be written H3789 with H5973 the righteous.H6662

Sal 69:29 But I H589 am poor H6041 and sorrowful: H3510 let thy salvation, H3444 O God, H430 set me up on high.H7682

Sal 69:30 I will praise H1984 the name H8034 of God H430 with a song, H7892 and will magnify H1431 him with thanksgiving.H8426

Sal 69:31 This also shall please H3190 the LORD H3068 better than an ox H4480 H7794 or bullock H6499 that hath horns H7160 and hoofs.H6536

Sal 69:32 The humble H6035 shall see H7200 this, and be glad: H8055 and your heart H3824 shall live H2421 that seek H1875 God.H430

Sal 69:33 For H3588 the LORD H3068 heareth H8085 H413 the poor, H34 and despiseth H959 not H3808 his prisoners.H615

Sal 69:34 Let the heaven H8064 and earth H776 praise H1984 him, the seas, H3220 and every thing H3605 that moveth H7430 therein.

Sal 69:35 For H3588 God H430 will save H3467 Zion, H6726 and will build H1129 the cities H5892 of Judah: H3063 that they may dwell H3427 there, H8033 and have it in possession.H3423

Sal 69:36 The seed H2233 also of his servants H5650 shall inherit H5157 it: and they that love H157 his name H8034 shall dwell H7931 therein.

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