Zacarías  Capitulo 11 - King James with Numbers Strong

Zac 11:1 Open H6605 thy doors, H1817 O Lebanon, H3844 that the fire H784 may devour H398 thy cedars.H730

Zac 11:2 Howl, H3213 fir tree; H1265 for H3588 the cedar H730 is fallen; H5307 because H834 the mighty H117 are spoiled: H7703 howl, H3213 O ye oaks H437 of Bashan; H1316 for H3588 the forest H3293 of the vintage H1208 is come down.H3381

Zac 11:3 There is a voice H6963 of the howling H3215 of the shepherds; H7462 for H3588 their glory H155 is spoiled: H7703 a voice H6963 of the roaring H7581 of young lions; H3715 for H3588 the pride H1347 of Jordan H3383 is spoiled.H7703

Zac 11:4 Thus H3541 saith H559 the LORD H3068 my God; H430 Feed H7462 (H853) the flock H6629 of the slaughter;H2028

Zac 11:5 Whose H834 possessors H7069 slay H2026 them, and hold themselves not guilty: H816 H3808 and they that sell H4376 them say, H559 Blessed H1288 be the LORD; H3068 for I am rich: H6238 and their own shepherds H7462 pity H2550 H5921 them not.H3808

Zac 11:6 For H3588 I will no H3808 more H5750 pity H2550 H5921 the inhabitants H3427 of the land, H776 saith H5002 the LORD: H3068 but, lo, H2009 I H595 will deliver H4672 (H853) the men H120 every one H376 into his neighbour's H7453 hand, H3027 and into the hand H3027 of his king: H4428 and they shall smite H3807 (H853) the land, H776 and out of their hand H4480 H3027 I will not H3808 deliver H5337 them.

Zac 11:7 And I will feed H7462 (H853) the flock H6629 of slaughter, H2028 even you, O poor H6041 of the flock. H6629 And I took H3947 unto me two H8147 staves; H4731 the one H259 I called H7121 Beauty, H5278 and the other H259 I called H7121 Bands; H2256 and I fed H7462 (H853) the flock.H6629

Zac 11:8 (H853) Three H7969 shepherds H7462 also I cut off H3582 in one H259 month; H3391 and my soul H5315 lothed H7114 them, and their soul H5315 also H1571 abhorred H973 me.

Zac 11:9 Then said H559 I, I will not H3808 feed H7462 you: that that dieth, H4191 let it die; H4191 and that that is to be cut off, H3582 let it be cut off; H3582 and let the rest H7604 eat H398 every one H802 (H853) the flesh H1320 of another.H7468

Zac 11:10 And I took H3947 (H853) my staff, H4731 even(H853) Beauty, H5278 and cut it asunder, H1438 (H853) that I might break H6565 (H853) my covenant H1285 which H834 I had made H3772 with H854 all H3605 the people.H5971

Zac 11:11 And it was broken H6565 in that H1931 day: H3117 and so H3651 the poor H6041 of the flock H6629 that waited upon H8104 me knew H3045 that H3588 it H1931 was the word H1697 of the LORD.H3068

Zac 11:12 And I said H559 unto H413 them, If H518 ye think good, H2895 H5869 give H3051 me my price; H7939 and if H518 not, H3808 forbear. H2308 So they weighed for H8254 (H853) my price H7939 thirty H7970 pieces of silver.H3701

Zac 11:13 And the LORD H3068 said H559 unto H413 me, Cast H7993 it unto H413 the potter: H3335 a goodly H145 price H3366 that H834 I was prised at H3365 of H4480 H5921 them. And I took H3947 the thirty H7970 pieces of silver, H3701 and cast H7993 them to H413 the potter H3335 in the house H1004 of the LORD.H3068

Zac 11:14 Then I cut asunder H1438 (H853) mine other H8145 staff, H4731 (H853) even Bands, H2256 that I might break H6565 (H853) the brotherhood H264 between H996 Judah H3063 and Israel.H3478

Zac 11:15 And the LORD H3068 said H559 unto H413 me, Take H3947 unto thee yet H5750 the instruments H3627 of a foolish H196 shepherd.H7462

Zac 11:16 For, H3588 lo, H2009 I H595 will raise H6965 up a shepherd H7462 in the land, H776 which shall not H3808 visit H6485 those that be cut off, H3582 neither H3808 shall seek H1245 the young one, H5289 nor H3808 heal H7495 that that is broken, H7665 nor H3808 feed H3557 that that standeth still: H5324 but he shall eat H398 the flesh H1320 of the fat, H1277 and tear their claws in pieces. H6561 H6541

Zac 11:17 Woe H1945 to the idol H457 shepherd H7473 that leaveth H5800 the flock! H6629 the sword H2719 shall be upon H5921 his arm, H2220 and upon H5921 his right H3225 eye: H5869 his arm H2220 shall be clean dried up, H3001 H3001 and his right H3225 eye H5869 shall be utterly darkened. H3543 H3543

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