2 Samuel  Capitulo 15 - King James with Numbers Strong

2Sa 15:1 And it came to pass H1961 after H4480 H310 this, H3651 that Absalom H53 prepared H6213 him chariots H4818 and horses, H5483 and fifty H2572 men H376 to run H7323 before H6440 him.

2Sa 15:2 And Absalom H53 rose up early, H7925 and stood H5975 beside H5921 H3027 the way H1870 of the gate: H8179 and it was H1961 so, that when any H3605 man H376 that H834 had H1961 a controversy H7379 came H935 to H413 the king H4428 for judgment, H4941 then Absalom H53 called H7121 unto H413 him, and said, H559 Of H4480 H2088 what H335 city H5892 art thou? H859 And he said, H559 Thy servant H5650 is of one H4480 H259 of the tribes H7626 of Israel.H3478

2Sa 15:3 And Absalom H53 said H559 unto H413 him, See, H7200 thy matters H1697 are good H2896 and right; H5228 but there is no H369 man deputed of the king H4428 to hear H8085 thee.

2Sa 15:4 Absalom H53 said H559 moreover, Oh that H4310 I were made H7760 judge H8199 in the land, H776 that every H3605 man H376 which H834 hath H1961 any suit H7379 or cause H4941 might come H935 unto H5921 me, and I would do him justice!H6663

2Sa 15:5 And it was H1961 so, that when any man H376 came nigh H7126 to him to do him obeisance, H7812 he put forth H7971 (H853) his hand, H3027 and took H2388 him, and kissed H5401 him.

2Sa 15:6 And on this H2088 manner H1697 did H6213 Absalom H53 to all H3605 Israel H3478 that H834 came H935 to H413 the king H4428 for judgment: H4941 so Absalom H53 stole H1589 (H853) the hearts H3820 of the men H376 of Israel.H3478

2Sa 15:7 And it came to pass H1961 after H4480 H7093 forty H705 years, H8141 that Absalom H53 said H559 unto H413 the king, H4428 I pray thee, H4994 let me go H1980 and pay H7999 (H853) my vow, H5088 which H834 I have vowed H5087 unto the LORD, H3068 in Hebron.H2275

2Sa 15:8 For H3588 thy servant H5650 vowed H5087 a vow H5088 while I abode H3427 at Geshur H1650 in Syria, H758 saying, H559 If H518 the LORD H3068 shall bring me again H7725 indeed to Jerusalem, H3389 then I will serve H5647 (H853) the LORD.H3068

2Sa 15:9 And the king H4428 said H559 unto him, Go H1980 in peace. H7965 So he arose, H6965 and went H1980 to Hebron.H2275

2Sa 15:10 But Absalom H53 sent H7971 spies H7270 throughout all H3605 the tribes H7626 of Israel, H3478 saying, H559 As soon as ye hear H8085 (H853) the sound H6963 of the trumpet, H7782 then ye shall say, H559 Absalom H53 reigneth H4427 in Hebron.H2275

2Sa 15:11 And with H854 Absalom H53 went H1980 two hundred H3967 men H376 out of Jerusalem, H4480 H3389 that were called; H7121 and they went H1980 in their simplicity, H8537 and they knew H3045 not H3808 any H3605 thing.H1697

2Sa 15:12 And Absalom H53 sent H7971 for(H853) Ahithophel H302 the Gilonite, H1526 David's H1732 counsellor, H3289 from his city, H5892 even from Giloh, H4480 H1542 while he offered H2076 (H853) sacrifices. H2077 And the conspiracy H7195 was H1961 strong; H533 for the people H5971 increased H7227 continually H1980 with H854 Absalom.H53

2Sa 15:13 And there came H935 a messenger H5046 to H413 David, H1732 saying, H559 The hearts H3820 of the men H376 of Israel H3478 are H1961 after H310 Absalom.H53

2Sa 15:14 And David H1732 said H559 unto all H3605 his servants H5650 that H834 were with H854 him at Jerusalem, H3389 Arise, H6965 and let us flee; H1227 for H3588 we shall H1961 not H3808 else escape H6413 from H4480 H6640 Absalom: H53 make speed H4116 to depart, H1980 lest H6435 he overtake H5381 us suddenly, H4116 and bring H5080 (H853) evil H7451 upon H5921 us, and smite H5221 the city H5892 with the edge H6310 of the sword.H2719

2Sa 15:15 And the king's H4428 servants H5650 said H559 unto H413 the king, H4428 Behold, H2009 thy servants H5650 are ready to do whatsoever H834 H3605 my lord H113 the king H4428 shall appoint.H977

2Sa 15:16 And the king H4428 went forth, H3318 and all H3605 his household H1004 after H7272 him. And the king H4428 left H5800 (H853) ten H6235 women, H802 which were concubines, H6370 to keep H8104 the house.H1004

2Sa 15:17 And the king H4428 went forth, H3318 and all H3605 the people H5971 after H7272 him, and tarried H5975 in a place H1004 that was far off.H4801

2Sa 15:18 And all H3605 his servants H5650 passed on H5674 beside H5921 H3027 him; and all H3605 the Cherethites, H3774 and all H3605 the Pelethites, H6432 and all H3605 the Gittites, H1663 six H8337 hundred H3967 men H376 which H834 came H935 after H7272 him from Gath, H4480 H1661 passed on H5674 before H5921 H6440 the king.H4428

2Sa 15:19 Then said H559 the king H4428 to H413 Ittai H863 the Gittite, H1663 Wherefore H4100 goest H1980 thou H859 also H1571 with H854 us? return H7725 to thy place, H4725 and abide H3427 with H5973 the king: H4428 for H3588 thou H859 art a stranger, H5237 and also H1571 an exile.H1540

2Sa 15:20 Whereas thou camest H935 but yesterday, H8543 should I this day H3117 make thee go up H1980 and down H5128 with H5973 us? seeing I H589 go H1980 whither H5921 H834 I H589 may, H1980 return H7725 thou, and take back H7725 (H853) thy brethren: H251 mercy H2617 and truth H571 be with H5973 thee.

2Sa 15:21 And Ittai H863 answered H6030 (H853) the king, H4428 and said, H559 As the LORD H3068 liveth, H2416 and as my lord H113 the king H4428 liveth, H2416 surely H3588 H518 in what H834 place H4725 my lord H113 the king H4428 shall be, H1961 whether H518 in death H4194 or H518 life, H2416 even H3588 there H8033 also will thy servant H5650 be.H1961

2Sa 15:22 And David H1732 said H559 to H413 Ittai, H863 Go H1980 and pass over. H5674 And Ittai H863 the Gittite H1663 passed over, H5674 and all H3605 his men, H376 and all H3605 the little ones H2945 that H834 were with H854 him.

2Sa 15:23 And all H3605 the country H776 wept H1058 with a loud H1419 voice, H6963 and all H3605 the people H5971 passed over: H5674 the king H4428 also himself passed over H5674 the brook H5158 Kidron, H6939 and all H3605 the people H5971 passed over, H5674 toward H5921 H6440 the way H1870 of(H853) the wilderness.H4057

2Sa 15:24 And lo H2009 Zadok H6659 also, H1571 and all H3605 the Levites H3881 were with H854 him, bearing H5375 (H853) the ark H727 of the covenant H1285 of God: H430 and they set down H3332 (H853) the ark H727 of God; H430 and Abiathar H54 went up, H5927 until H5704 all H3605 the people H5971 had done H8552 passing H5674 out of H4480 the city.H5892

2Sa 15:25 And the king H4428 said H559 unto Zadok, H6659 Carry back H7725 (H853) the ark H727 of God H430 into the city: H5892 if H518 I shall find H4672 favour H2580 in the eyes H5869 of the LORD, H3068 he will bring me again, H7725 and shew H7200 me both it, and his habitation:H5116

2Sa 15:26 But if H518 he thus H3541 say, H559 I have no H3808 delight H2654 in thee; behold, H2009 here am I, let him do H6213 to me as H834 seemeth H5869 good H2896 unto him.

2Sa 15:27 The king H4428 said H559 also unto H413 Zadok H6659 the priest, H3548 Art not thou H859 a seer? H7200 return H7725 into the city H5892 in peace, H7965 and your two H8147 sons H1121 with H854 you, Ahimaaz H290 thy son, H1121 and Jonathan H3083 the son H1121 of Abiathar.H54

2Sa 15:28 See, H7200 I H595 will tarry H4102 in the plain H6160 of the wilderness, H4057 until H5704 there come H935 word H1697 from H4480 H5973 you to certify H5046 me.

2Sa 15:29 Zadok H6659 therefore and Abiathar H54 carried H7725 (H853) the ark H727 of God H430 again to Jerusalem: H3389 and they tarried H3427 there.H8033

2Sa 15:30 And David H1732 went up H5927 by the ascent H4608 of mount Olivet, H2132 and wept H1058 as he went up, H5927 and had his head H7218 covered, H2645 and he H1931 went H1980 barefoot: H3182 and all H3605 the people H5971 that H834 was with H854 him covered H2645 every man H376 his head, H7218 and they went up, H5927 weeping H1058 as they went up.H5927

2Sa 15:31 And one told H5046 David, H1732 saying, H559 Ahithophel H302 is among the conspirators H7194 with H5973 Absalom. H53 And David H1732 said, H559 O LORD, H3068 I pray thee, H4994 turn(H853) the counsel H6098 of Ahithophel H302 into foolishness.H5528

2Sa 15:32 And it came to pass, H1961 that when David H1732 was come H935 to H5704 the top H7218 of the mount, where H834 he worshipped H7812 God, H430 behold, H2009 Hushai H2365 the Archite H757 came to meet H7125 him with his coat H3801 rent, H7167 and earth H127 upon H5921 his head:H7218

2Sa 15:33 Unto whom David H1732 said, H559 If H518 thou passest on H5674 with H854 me, then thou shalt be H1961 a burden H4853 unto H5921 me:

2Sa 15:34 But if H518 thou return H7725 to the city, H5892 and say H559 unto Absalom, H53 I H589 will be H1961 thy servant, H5650 O king; H4428 as I H589 have been thy father's H1 servant H5650 hitherto, H4480 H227 so will I H589 now H6258 also be thy servant: H5650 then mayest thou for me defeat H6565 (H853) the counsel H6098 of Ahithophel.H302

2Sa 15:35 And hast thou not H3808 there H8033 with H5973 thee Zadok H6659 and Abiathar H54 the priests? H3548 therefore it shall be, H1961 that what H3605 thing H1697 soever H834 thou shalt hear H8085 out of the king's house, H4480 H1004 H4428 thou shalt tell H5046 it to Zadok H6659 and Abiathar H54 the priests.H3548

2Sa 15:36 Behold, H2009 they have there H8033 with H5973 them their two H8147 sons, H1121 Ahimaaz H290 Zadok's H6659 son, and Jonathan H3083 Abiathar's H54 son; and by H3027 them ye shall send H7971 unto H413 me every H3605 thing H1697 that H834 ye can hear.H8085

2Sa 15:37 So Hushai H2365 David's H1732 friend H7463 came H935 into the city, H5892 and Absalom H53 came H935 into Jerusalem.H3389

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