Jeremías  Capitulo 18 - King James with Numbers Strong

Jer 18:2 Arise, H6965 and go down H3381 to the potter's H3335 house, H1004 and there H8033 I will cause thee to hear H8085 (H853) my words.H1697

Jer 18:3 Then I went down H3381 to the potter's H3335 house, H1004 and, behold, H2009 he wrought H6213 a work H4399 on H5921 the wheels.H70

Jer 18:4 And the vessel H3627 that H834 he H1931 made H6213 of clay H2563 was marred H7843 in the hand H3027 of the potter: H3335 so he made H6213 it again H7725 another H312 vessel, H3627 as H834 seemed H5869 good H3474 to the potter H3335 to make H6213 it.

Jer 18:5 Then the word H1697 of the LORD H3068 came H1961 to H413 me, saying,H559

Jer 18:6 O house H1004 of Israel, H3478 cannot H3808 H3201 I do H6213 with you as this H2088 potter? H3335 saith H5002 the LORD. H3068 Behold, H2009 as the clay H2563 is in the potter's H3335 hand, H3027 so H3651 are ye H859 in mine hand, H3027 O house H1004 of Israel.H3478

Jer 18:7 At what instant H7281 I shall speak H1696 concerning H5921 a nation, H1471 and concerning H5921 a kingdom, H4467 to pluck up, H5428 and to pull down, H5422 and to destroy H6 it;

Jer 18:8 If that H1931 nation, H1471 against H5921 whom H834 I have pronounced, H1696 turn H7725 from their evil, H4480 H7451 I will repent H5162 of H5921 the evil H7451 that H834 I thought H2803 to do H6213 unto them.

Jer 18:9 And at what instant H7281 I shall speak H1696 concerning H5921 a nation, H1471 and concerning H5921 a kingdom, H4467 to build H1129 and to plant H5193 it;

Jer 18:10 If it do H6213 evil H7451 in my sight, H5869 that it obey H8085 not H1115 my voice, H6963 then I will repent H5162 of H5921 the good, H2896 wherewith H834 I said H559 I would benefit H3190 them.

Jer 18:11 Now H6258 therefore go H4994 to, speak H559 to H413 the men H376 of Judah, H3063 and to H5921 the inhabitants H3427 of Jerusalem, H3389 saying, H559 Thus H3541 saith H559 the LORD; H3068 Behold, H2009 I H595 frame H3335 evil H7451 against H5921 you, and devise H2803 a device H4284 against H5921 you: return H7725 ye now H4994 every one H376 from his evil H7451 way, H4480 H1870 and make your ways H1870 and your doings H4611 good.H3190

Jer 18:12 And they said, H559 There is no hope: H2976 but H3588 we will walk H1980 after H310 our own devices, H4284 and we will every one H376 do H6213 the imagination H8307 of his evil H7451 heart.H3820

Jer 18:13 Therefore H3651 thus H3541 saith H559 the LORD; H3068 Ask H7592 ye now H4994 among the heathen, H1471 who H4310 hath heard H8085 such H428 things: the virgin H1330 of Israel H3478 hath done H6213 a very H3966 horrible thing.H8186

Jer 18:14 Will a man leave H5800 the snow H7950 of Lebanon H3844 which cometh from the rock H4480 H6697 of the field? H7704 or shall the cold H7119 flowing H5140 waters H4325 that come from another place H2114 be forsaken?H5428

Jer 18:15 Because H3588 my people H5971 hath forgotten H7911 me, they have burned incense H6999 to vanity, H7723 and they have caused them to stumble H3782 in their ways H1870 from the ancient H5769 paths, H7635 to walk H1980 in paths, H5410 in a way H1870 not H3808 cast up;H5549

Jer 18:16 To make H7760 their land H776 desolate, H8047 and a perpetual H5769 hissing; H8292 every one H3605 that passeth H5674 thereby H5921 shall be astonished, H8074 and wag H5110 his head.H7218

Jer 18:17 I will scatter H6327 them as with an east H6921 wind H7307 before H6440 the enemy; H341 I will shew H7200 them the back, H6203 and not H3808 the face, H6440 in the day H3117 of their calamity.H343

Jer 18:18 Then said H559 they, Come, H1980 and let us devise H2803 devices H4284 against H5921 Jeremiah; H3414 for H3588 the law H8451 shall not H3808 perish H6 from the priest, H4480 H3548 nor counsel H6098 from the wise, H4480 H2450 nor the word H1697 from the prophet. H4480 H5030 Come, H1980 and let us smite H5221 him with the tongue, H3956 and let us not H408 give heed H7181 to H413 any H3605 of his words.H1697

Jer 18:19 Give heed H7181 to H413 me, O LORD, H3068 and hearken H8085 to the voice H6963 of them that contend H3401 with me.

Jer 18:20 Shall evil H7451 be recompensed H7999 for H8478 good? H2896 for H3588 they have digged H3738 a pit H7745 for my soul. H5315 Remember H2142 that I stood H5975 before H6440 thee to speak H1696 good H2896 for H5921 them, and to turn away H7725 (H853) thy wrath H2534 from H4480 them.

Jer 18:21 Therefore H3651 deliver up H5414 (H853) their children H1121 to the famine, H7458 and pour out H5064 their blood by H5921 the force H3027 of the sword; H2719 and let their wives H802 be H1961 bereaved of their children, H7909 and be widows; H490 and let their men H376 be H1961 put H2026 to death; H4194 let their young men H970 be slain H5221 by the sword H2719 in battle.H4421

Jer 18:22 Let a cry H2201 be heard H8085 from their houses, H4480 H1004 when H3588 thou shalt bring H935 a troop H1416 suddenly H6597 upon H5921 them: for H3588 they have digged H3738 a pit H7745 to take H3920 me, and hid H2934 snares H6341 for my feet.H7272

Jer 18:23 Yet, LORD, H3068 thou H859 knowest H3045 (H853) all H3605 their counsel H6098 against H5921 me to slay H4194 me: forgive H3722 not H408 their iniquity, H5771 neither H408 blot out H4229 their sin H2403 from thy sight, H4480 H6440 but let them be H1961 overthrown H3782 before H6440 thee; deal H6213 thus with them in the time H6256 of thine anger.H639

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