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2Sa 2:1 And it came to pass H1961 after H310 this, H3651 that David H1732 enquired H7592 of the LORD, H3068 saying, H559 Shall I go up H5927 into any H259 of the cities H5892 of Judah? H3063 And the LORD H3068 said H559 unto H413 him, Go up. H5927 And David H1732 said, H559 Whither H575 shall I go up? H5927 And he said, H559 Unto Hebron.H2275

2Sa 2:2 So David H1732 went up H5927 thither, H8033 and his two H8147 wives H802 also, H1571 Ahinoam H293 the Jezreelitess, H3159 and Abigail H26 Nabal's H5037 wife H802 the Carmelite.H3761

2Sa 2:3 And his men H376 that H834 were with H5973 him did David H1732 bring up, H5927 every man H376 with his household: H1004 and they dwelt H3427 in the cities H5892 of Hebron.H2275

2Sa 2:4 And the men H376 of Judah H3063 came, H935 and there H8033 they anointed H4886 (H853) David H1732 king H4428 over H5921 the house H1004 of Judah. H3063 And they told H5046 David, H1732 saying, H559 That the men H376 of Jabeshgilead H3003 H1568 were they that H834 buried H6912 (H853) Saul.H7586

2Sa 2:5 And David H1732 sent H7971 messengers H4397 unto H413 the men H376 of Jabeshgilead, H3003 H1568 and said H559 unto H413 them, Blessed H1288 be ye H859 of the LORD, H3068 that H834 ye have shewed H6213 this H2088 kindness H2617 unto H5973 your lord, H113 even unto H5973 Saul, H7586 and have buried H6912 him.

2Sa 2:6 And now H6258 the LORD H3068 shew H6213 kindness H2617 and truth H571 unto H5973 you: and I H595 also H1571 will requite H6213 you this H2063 kindness, H2896 because H834 ye have done H6213 this H2088 thing.H1697

2Sa 2:7 Therefore now H6258 let your hands H3027 be strengthened, H2388 and be H1961 ye valiant: H1121 H2428 for H3588 your master H113 Saul H7586 is dead, H4191 and also H1571 the house H1004 of Judah H3063 have anointed H4886 me king H4428 over H5921 them.

2Sa 2:8 But Abner H74 the son H1121 of Ner, H5369 captain H8269 of Saul's H7586 host, H6635 took H3947 (H853) Ishbosheth H378 the son H1121 of Saul, H7586 and brought him over H5674 to Mahanaim;H4266

2Sa 2:9 And made him king H4427 over H413 Gilead, H1568 and over H413 the Ashurites, H843 and over H413 Jezreel, H3157 and over H5921 Ephraim, H669 and over H5921 Benjamin, H1144 and over H5921 all H3605 Israel.H3478

2Sa 2:10 Ishbosheth H378 Saul's H7586 son H1121 was forty H705 years H8141 old H1121 when he began to reign H4427 over H5921 Israel, H3478 and reigned H4427 two H8147 years. H8141 But H389 the house H1004 of Judah H3063 followed H1961 H310 David.H1732

2Sa 2:11 And the time H4557 H3117 that H834 David H1732 was H1961 king H4428 in Hebron H2275 over H5921 the house H1004 of Judah H3063 was H1961 seven H7651 years H8141 and six H8337 months.H2320

2Sa 2:12 And Abner H74 the son H1121 of Ner, H5369 and the servants H5650 of Ishbosheth H378 the son H1121 of Saul, H7586 went out H3318 from Mahanaim H4480 H4266 to Gibeon.H1391

2Sa 2:13 And Joab H3097 the son H1121 of Zeruiah, H6870 and the servants H5650 of David, H1732 went out, H3318 and met H6298 together H3162 by H5921 the pool H1295 of Gibeon: H1391 and they sat down, H3427 the one H428 on the one side H4480 H2088 of H5921 the pool, H1295 and the other H428 on the other side H4480 H2088 of H5921 the pool.H1295

2Sa 2:14 And Abner H74 said H559 to H413 Joab, H3097 Let the young men H5288 now H4994 arise, H6965 and play H7832 before H6440 us. And Joab H3097 said, H559 Let them arise.H6965

2Sa 2:15 Then there arose H6965 and went over H5674 by number H4557 twelve H8147 H6240 of Benjamin, H1144 which pertained to Ishbosheth H378 the son H1121 of Saul, H7586 and twelve H8147 H6240 of the servants H4480 H5650 of David.H1732

2Sa 2:16 And they caught H2388 every one H376 his fellow H7453 by the head, H7218 and thrust his sword H2719 in his fellow's H7453 side; H6654 so they fell down H5307 together: H3162 wherefore that H1931 place H4725 was called H7121 Helkathhazzurim, H2521 which H834 is in Gibeon.H1391

2Sa 2:17 And there was H1961 a very H5704 H3966 sore H7186 battle H4421 that H1931 day; H3117 and Abner H74 was beaten, H5062 and the men H376 of Israel, H3478 before H6440 the servants H5650 of David.H1732

2Sa 2:18 And there H8033 were H1961 three H7969 sons H1121 of Zeruiah H6870 there, Joab, H3097 and Abishai, H52 and Asahel: H6214 and Asahel H6214 was as light H7031 of foot H7272 as a H259 wild H834 H7704 roe.H6643

2Sa 2:19 And Asahel H6214 pursued H7291 after H310 Abner; H74 and in going H1980 he turned H5186 not H3808 to H5921 the right H3225 hand nor to H5921 the left H8040 from following H4480 H310 Abner.H74

2Sa 2:20 Then Abner H74 looked H6437 behind H310 him, and said, H559 Art thou H859 Asahel? H6214 And he answered, H559 I H595 am.

2Sa 2:21 And Abner H74 said H559 to him, Turn thee aside H5186 to H5921 thy right H3225 hand or H176 to H5921 thy left, H8040 and lay thee hold H270 on one H259 of the young men, H4480 H5288 and take H3947 thee(H853) his armour. H2488 But Asahel H6214 would H14 not H3808 turn aside H5493 from following H4480 H310 of him.

2Sa 2:22 And Abner H74 said H559 again H3254 to H413 Asahel, H6214 Turn thee aside H5493 from following H4480 H310 me: wherefore H4100 should I smite H5221 thee to the ground? H776 how H349 then should I hold up H5375 my face H6440 to H413 Joab H3097 thy brother?H251

2Sa 2:23 Howbeit he refused H3985 to turn aside: H5493 wherefore Abner H74 with the hinder end of H310 the spear H2595 smote H5221 him under H413 the fifth H2570 rib, that the spear H2595 came out H3318 behind H4480 H310 him; and he fell down H5307 there, H8033 and died H4191 in the same place: H8478 and it came to pass, H1961 that as many H3605 as came H935 to H413 the place H4725 where H834 Asahel H6214 fell down H5307 and died H4191 stood still.H5975

2Sa 2:24 Joab H3097 also and Abishai H52 pursued H7291 after H310 Abner: H74 and the sun H8121 went down H935 when they H1992 were come H935 to H5704 the hill H1389 of Ammah, H522 that H834 lieth before H5921 H6440 Giah H1520 by the way H1870 of the wilderness H4057 of Gibeon.H1391

2Sa 2:25 And the children H1121 of Benjamin H1144 gathered themselves together H6908 after H310 Abner, H74 and became H1961 one H259 troop, H92 and stood H5975 on H5921 the top H7218 of an H259 hill.H1389

2Sa 2:26 Then Abner H74 called H7121 to H413 Joab, H3097 and said, H559 Shall the sword H2719 devour H398 for ever? H5331 knowest H3045 thou not H3808 that H3588 it will be H1961 bitterness H4751 in the latter end? H314 how long H5704 shall it be then, ere H3808 thou bid H559 the people H5971 return H7725 from following H4480 H310 their brethren?H251

2Sa 2:27 And Joab H3097 said, H559 As God H430 liveth, H2416 unless H3588 H3884 thou hadst spoken, H1696 surely H3588 then H227 in the morning H1242 the people H5971 had gone up H5927 every one H376 from following H4480 H310 his brother.H251

2Sa 2:28 So Joab H3097 blew H8628 a trumpet, H7782 and all H3605 the people H5971 stood H5975 still, and pursued H7291 after H310 Israel H3478 no H3808 more, H5750 neither H3808 fought H3898 they any more.H3254

2Sa 2:29 And Abner H74 and his men H376 walked H1980 all H3605 that H1931 night H3915 through the plain, H6160 and passed over H5674 (H853) Jordan, H3383 and went through H1980 all H3605 Bithron, H1338 and they came H935 to Mahanaim.H4266

2Sa 2:30 And Joab H3097 returned H7725 from following H4480 H310 Abner: H74 and when he had gathered all the people together, H6908 (H853) H3605 H5971 there lacked H6485 of David's servants H4480 H5650 H1732 nineteen H8672 H6240 men H376 and Asahel.H6214

2Sa 2:31 But the servants H5650 of David H1732 had smitten H5221 of Benjamin, H4480 H1144 and of Abner's H74 men, H4480 H376 so that three H7969 hundred H3967 and threescore H8346 men H376 died.H4191

2Sa 2:32 And they took up H5375 (H853) Asahel, H6214 and buried H6912 him in the sepulchre H6913 of his father, H1 which H834 was in Bethlehem. H1035 And Joab H3097 and his men H376 went H1980 all H3605 night, H3915 and they came to Hebron H2275 at break of day.H215

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