Jeremías  Capitulo 2 - King James with Numbers Strong

Jer 2:1 Moreover the word H1697 of the LORD H3068 came H1961 to H413 me, saying,H559

Jer 2:2 Go H1980 and cry H7121 in the ears H241 of Jerusalem, H3389 saying, H559 Thus H3541 saith H559 the LORD; H3068 I remember H2142 thee, the kindness H2617 of thy youth, H5271 the love H160 of thine espousals, H3623 when thou wentest H1980 after H310 me in the wilderness, H4057 in a land H776 that was not H3808 sown.H2232

Jer 2:3 Israel H3478 was holiness H6944 unto the LORD, H3068 and the firstfruits H7225 of his increase: H8393 all H3605 that devour H398 him shall offend; H816 evil H7451 shall come H935 upon H413 them, saith H5002 the LORD.H3068

Jer 2:4 Hear H8085 ye the word H1697 of the LORD, H3068 O house H1004 of Jacob, H3290 and all H3605 the families H4940 of the house H1004 of Israel:H3478

Jer 2:5 Thus H3541 saith H559 the LORD, H3068 What H4100 iniquity H5766 have your fathers H1 found H4672 in me, that H3588 they are gone far H7368 from H4480 H5921 me, and have walked H1980 after H310 vanity, H1892 and are become vain?H1891

Jer 2:6 Neither H3808 said H559 they, Where H346 is the LORD H3068 that brought us up H5927 (H853) out of the land H4480 H776 of Egypt, H4714 that led H1980 us through the wilderness, H4057 through a land H776 of deserts H6160 and of pits, H7745 through a land H776 of drought, H6723 and of the shadow of death, H6757 through a land H776 that no H3808 man H376 passed through, H5674 and where H8033 no H3808 man H120 dwelt?H3427

Jer 2:7 And I brought H935 you into H413 a plentiful H3759 country, H776 to eat H398 the fruit H6529 thereof and the goodness H2898 thereof; but when ye entered, H935 ye defiled H2930 (H853) my land, H776 and made H7760 mine heritage H5159 an abomination.H8441

Jer 2:8 The priests H3548 said H559 not, H3808 Where H346 is the LORD? H3068 and they that handle H8610 the law H8451 knew H3045 me not: H3808 the pastors H7462 also transgressed H6586 against me, and the prophets H5030 prophesied H5012 by Baal, H1168 and walked H1980 after H310 things that do not H3808 profit.H3276

Jer 2:9 Wherefore H3651 I will yet H5750 plead H7378 with H854 you, saith H5002 the LORD, H3068 and with H854 your children's H1121 children H1121 will I plead.H7378

Jer 2:10 For H3588 pass over H5674 the isles H339 of Chittim, H3794 and see; H7200 and send H7971 unto Kedar, H6938 and consider H995 diligently, H3966 and see H7200 if there be H1961 such H2063 a thing.

Jer 2:11 Hath a nation H1471 changed H4171 their gods, H430 which H1992 are yet no H3808 gods? H430 but my people H5971 have changed H4171 their glory H3519 for that which doth not H3808 profit.H3276

Jer 2:12 Be astonished, H8074 O ye heavens, H8064 at H5921 this, H2063 and be horribly afraid, H8175 be ye very H3966 desolate, H2717 saith H5002 the LORD.H3068

Jer 2:13 For H3588 my people H5971 have committed H6213 two H8147 evils; H7451 they have forsaken H5800 me the fountain H4726 of living H2416 waters, H4325 and hewed them out H2672 cisterns, H877 broken H7665 cisterns, H877 that H834 can hold H3557 no H3808 water.H4325

Jer 2:14 Is Israel H3478 a servant? H5650 is he H1931 a homeborn H1004 H3211 slave? why H4069 is H1961 he spoiled?H957

Jer 2:15 The young lions H3715 roared H7580 upon H5921 him, and yelled, H5414 H6963 and they made H7896 his land H776 waste: H8047 his cities H5892 are burned H3341 without H4480 H1097 inhabitant.H3427

Jer 2:16 Also H1571 the children H1121 of Noph H5297 and Tahapanes H8471 have broken H7462 the crown of thy head.H6936

Jer 2:17 Hast thou not H3808 procured H6213 this H2063 unto thyself, in that thou hast forsaken H5800 (H853) the LORD H3068 thy God, H430 when H6256 he led H1980 thee by the way?H1870

Jer 2:18 And now H6258 what H4100 hast thou to do in the way H1870 of Egypt, H4714 to drink H8354 the waters H4325 of Sihor? H7883 or what H4100 hast thou to do in the way H1870 of Assyria, H804 to drink H8354 the waters H4325 of the river?H5104

Jer 2:19 Thine own wickedness H7451 shall correct H3256 thee, and thy backslidings H4878 shall reprove H3198 thee: know H3045 therefore and see H7200 that H3588 it is an evil H7451 thing and bitter, H4751 that thou hast forsaken H5800 (H853) the LORD H3068 thy God, H430 and that my fear H6345 is not H3808 in H413 thee, saith H5002 the Lord H136 GOD H3069 of hosts.H6635

Jer 2:20 For H3588 of old time H4480 H5769 I have broken H7665 thy yoke, H5923 and burst H5423 thy bands; H4147 and thou saidst, H559 I will not H3808 transgress; H5674 when H3588 upon H5921 every H3605 high H1364 hill H1389 and under H8478 every H3605 green H7488 tree H6086 thou H859 wanderest, H6808 playing the harlot.H2181

Jer 2:21 Yet I H595 had planted H5193 thee a noble vine, H8321 wholly H3605 a right H571 seed: H2233 how H349 then art thou turned H2015 into the degenerate H5494 plant of a strange H5237 vine H1612 unto me?

Jer 2:22 For H3588 though H518 thou wash H3526 thee with nitre, H5427 and take thee much H7235 soap, H1287 yet thine iniquity H5771 is marked H3799 before H6440 me, saith H5002 the Lord H136 GOD.H3069

Jer 2:23 How H349 canst thou say, H559 I am not H3808 polluted, H2930 I have not H3808 gone H1980 after H310 Baalim? H1168 see H7200 thy way H1870 in the valley, H1516 know H3045 what H4100 thou hast done: H6213 thou art a swift H7031 dromedary H1072 traversing H8308 her ways;H1870

Jer 2:24 A wild ass H6501 used H3928 to the wilderness, H4057 that snuffeth up H7602 the wind H7307 at her pleasure; H185 H5315 in her occasion H8385 who H4310 can turn her away? H7725 all H3605 they that seek H1245 her will not H3808 weary H3286 themselves; in her month H2320 they shall find H4672 her.

Jer 2:25 Withhold H4513 thy foot H7272 from being unshod, H4480 H3182 and thy throat H1627 from thirst: H4480 H6773 but thou saidst, H559 There is no hope: H2976 no; H3808 for H3588 I have loved H157 strangers, H2114 and after H310 them will I go.H1980

Jer 2:26 As the thief H1590 is ashamed H1322 when H3588 he is found, H4672 so H3651 is the house H1004 of Israel H3478 ashamed; H954 they, H1992 their kings, H4428 their princes, H8269 and their priests, H3548 and their prophets,H5030

Jer 2:27 Saying H559 to a stock, H6086 Thou H859 art my father; H1 and to a stone, H68 Thou H859 hast brought me forth: H3205 for H3588 they have turned H6437 their back H6203 unto H413 me, and not H3808 their face: H6440 but in the time H6256 of their trouble H7451 they will say, H559 Arise, H6965 and save H3467 us.

Jer 2:28 But where H346 are thy gods H430 that H834 thou hast made H6213 thee? let them arise, H6965 if H518 they can save H3467 thee in the time H6256 of thy trouble: H7451 for H3588 according to the number H4557 of thy cities H5892 are H1961 thy gods, H430 O Judah.H3063

Jer 2:29 Wherefore H4100 will ye plead H7378 with H413 me? ye all H3605 have transgressed H6586 against me, saith H5002 the LORD.H3068

Jer 2:30 In vain H7723 have I smitten H5221 (H853) your children; H1121 they received H3947 no H3808 correction: H4148 your own sword H2719 hath devoured H398 your prophets, H5030 like a destroying H7843 lion.H738

Jer 2:31 O generation, H1755 see H7200 ye H859 the word H1697 of the LORD. H3068 Have I been H1961 a wilderness H4057 unto Israel? H3478 a land H776 of darkness? H3991 wherefore H4069 say H559 my people, H5971 We are lords; H7300 we will come H935 no H3808 more H5750 unto H413 thee?

Jer 2:32 Can a maid H1330 forget H7911 her ornaments, H5716 or a bride H3618 her attire? H7196 yet my people H5971 have forgotten H7911 me days H3117 without H369 number.H4557

Jer 2:33 Why H4100 trimmest H3190 thou thy way H1870 to seek H1245 love? H160 therefore H3651 hast thou also H1571 taught H3925 (H853) the wicked ones H7451 (H853) thy ways.H1870

Jer 2:34 Also H1571 in thy skirts H3671 is found H4672 the blood H1818 of the souls H5315 of the poor H34 innocents: H5355 I have not H3808 found H4672 it by secret search, H4290 but H3588 upon H5921 all H3605 these.H428

Jer 2:35 Yet thou sayest, H559 Because H3588 I am innocent, H5352 surely H389 his anger H639 shall turn H7725 from H4480 me. Behold, H2009 I will plead with H8199 thee, because H5921 thou sayest, H559 I have not H3808 sinned.H2398

Jer 2:36 Why H4100 gaddest H235 thou about so much H3966 to change H8138 (H853) thy way? H1870 thou also H1571 shalt be ashamed H954 of Egypt, H4480 H4714 as H834 thou wast ashamed H954 of Assyria. H4480 H804

Jer 2:37 Yea, H1571 thou shalt go forth H3318 from H4480 H854 him, H2088 and thine hands H3027 upon H5921 thine head: H7218 for H3588 the LORD H3068 hath rejected H3988 thy confidences, H4009 and thou shalt not H3808 prosper H6743 in them.

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